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Hello Kiddos J
Today’s post for you :*
Summer vacations in full swing and parents are thinking about new options and places to explore!!
Going out of town or country is not always feasible when you are low on budget or holidays. Do you need to worry when you live in Delhi!!
Our place has got a new hangout place for kiddos- KidZania.

Kidzania NoidaHow I love this – All Sky Air Conditioned Ambience :*

KidZania is a Mexican edutainment chain which launched its second indoor theme park for children and parents, at Noida on Thursday, with both my kids and just looking at the lovely indoor atmosphere here with a very beautiful, ofcourse not real sky. This is a golden place for all the kids who dream of being adults and want to experience their world.
KidZania is a globally successful theme park for kids, where children have experience pretending to do adult jobs. It is like a mini city for children, where they can go and work like adults, then be it a doctor, TV anchor, fireman, astronaut, model, shopkeeper, journalist or banker.  It has a unique concept of edutainment, that is education+entertainment and is totally different from other entertainment parks which are full of junk food and thrill rides.
Maruti Suzuki India Limited (MSIL) has also partnered with KidZania, that engages children through real life roleplay. Kidzania and Nexa (MSIL) partnership will empower future drivers of India through an authentic driving experience.


MSIL through its engagement program is allowing kids to learn the responsibilities of driving as well as road and traffic safety guidelines.
We first went for Nexa outlet as my son wanted to drive a car as usual. But this seemed different. Nice road with curves, toll gates ;), petrol pump and cleaning services midway…whhhooooo…. sounds interesting …no!!
But to experience all this, he was required to own a license!! Pretty good. One should know that a license is a must for driving. Good work – Team Maruti. An executive told him all the rules and signs used for driving and then there was a little driving test J. He passed and was issued a pretty original license from Maruti <3.


Height measured, rules of driving told, test taken, test passed, proper plastic license issued to my star – Fulltoo Feel 🙂

Then came his turn for driving and yes, it was pure enjoyment as he opted twice to drive the car. Pretty supportive staff at every step and great ambience.


Do notice the pretty little Baleno – so chic, so classy, so smart!!


Kidzania Delhi

Kids enjoying while working – cleaning, air filling, fuel. Do notice the little misters 
doing little stuffs 🙂

Even my little daughter was full of excitement while looking at the wonderful things there and not to forget to mention the fun my son was having. He or even we could never imagine that a place like this could exist where the kids can enjoy while learning new things, having hands on experience of various jobs, they only saw their parents doing!!


Again he spent Rs.10. This boy!!

My son was given a cheque of Rs.50/- with entry passes which he needed to encash himself from bank inside Kidzania. Then, he got money in a pack which he needed to spend as he liked. He could spend and he could earn too while doing little jobs. I like the concept as it instills a responsibility into kids that when they are enjoying, they are spending and money is decreasing and when they start working, they start earning. They have to take care of their expenses themselves. All this done while playing and enjoying and in company of friends and cousins – nothing could be better.

Kidzania nexa

Yes, you can make, you can eat too 🙂


For you little princesses :). Yes, this is for you – pamper & get pampered :*

It is a replica of real city with all the streets, vehicles and buildings. A place which will not only entertain but educate child about different professions, business and occupations and specially it allows children and parents to do what comes naturally to them, like role playing, problem solving, creativity and social values. A place which lets your child think beyond boundaries and experience everything.
Must visit place and Maruti Nexa outlet is most enjoyable for kids who love cars and driving.
Happy Holidays,

Love to all

Charu J

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  1. Fun place!! Where was this when I was a kid =))

  2. This is a great place to spend a day with your children. Learning at the same time that they have fun 😀
    Have a wonderful weekend xxx

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  6. Awww this looks like a fun place!

  7. Charu, this sounds and looks like a great and fun place for children… I remember driving small cars around a track and loving it… he looks like he totally enjoyed it xox

    I hope you are having a good summer… and that it isn't too hot, I have heard that it gets really warm there… xox

  8. Such a cool place for kids 🙂

  9. Wow!! This place is so magical and amazing!! It is perfect for kids to enjoy!!

  10. Wonderful for child!!!
    Kisses from Italy
    To me new post

  11. This is actually wonderland for kids…loved the place..you guys had a fun time..

  12. It looks like a very fun and safe place! I remember I loved driving those crashing cars 😀

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