How to get that perfect sculpted face – Makeup How To

Makeup tips – contouring, bronzing, blushing and highlighting

how to get that perfect sculpted face

I love doing all above :P.

I will soon share my favourites for contouring, blushing and highlighting.

Contouring goddess

Too much of contouring generally makes your face look tanned. But if you don’t want to look tanned, try contouring with a shade which is two shades darker than your skin tone.

To shed the flab of your face, make a fish face and contour under the cheek bones. Also contour
under the chin to hide that double chin. Also your nose can be corrected by applying a darker
shade on the sides of the bridge of your nose.

Blushing beauty

Perfect blushing makes your face look three dimensional by creating shadows on it.

To get the look, pick chocolate brown shade and apply it on the hollows of your cheek bones, under the chin and on the both sides of your snout.

Bronzing mania

So you are the one who just love bronzing, well I love bronzing too. A perfect bronzing makes face look much slimmer. Bronzing gives your face a sun  kissed tanned look while making it glow. To achieve this look, concentrate more on cheekbones, jaw line and never ignore forehead.

Highlighting like pro

To enhance the overall look, highlight your facial attributes like professionals do. It will make your skin look really healthy and glowing. Keep in mind which areas of your face you should highlight and which ones to avoid. Always use a highlighter without shimmer or glitter and apply it on the highest upper point of your cheekbones, on the bridge on nose, on cupid bow that
is the center area above your lips and and little bit on the lower side of lips. Yup. You are done.

Now the question for newbies is – HOW TO ACHIEVE ALL THIS!!

No. I am not doing tutorial or any video here. I know you have seen numerous youtube videos of  the makeup techniques you like and try to follow them but fail miserably.

I will share a simple tip with you. Don’t lose heart. First invest in some good makeup to start off and never underestimate the power of GOOD MAKEUP BRUSHES. One time investment but worth.

Then, practice, practice, practice. Sometimes, you will be like a tanned doll. Sometimes, all wrong angles will be contoured. Sometimes, highlighting will make you look like oil factory :P. Sometimes, there will be harsh lines visible when you will go outside and see your face. All these are scary. But, don’t leave it there. Blend, blend, blend. Perfection will come. At least, you will get full control of your face in no time. Practice and knowledge will take you to your GOAL.

Ohk, I know, I am not talking about MBA here. But doing great makeup is also a goal na 🙂 :* :*
If you need any help on any makeup product suggestion, I am always open. You can mail me at I will surely try to help you out 🙂

Love you all
Charu 🙂

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  1. Beautiful make-up and very great tips.

  2. Great tips and you look beautiful in the pic above!

  3. I am more of a simple person when make up is a concern. Of course, when special occasions calls for, I will consider these tips. Looking good Charu.

  4. These are some really nice tips.

  5. Great tips and a very helpful post! x

  6. Charu, I have never been good at this as I am so pale that it never looks natural… I'll have to look for a shade or two above my skin color and try it again, great tips as always xox

  7. So pretty, Charu! You've got great makeup sense! Have a happy week, my dear! xoxo

  8. Charu those were some really useful tips.Great post.

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