Everteen Natural Cotton Sanitary Napkin

Women are strongest as we can bleed straight for a week, without dying!! O yes, men can’t even imagine how much pain and hormonal changes we go through every month and that too with constant bleeding. Your sanitary napkin is definitely a good partner for those days except your real partner.

Everteen Natural Cotton Sanitary Napkin

I don’t understand why people still feel ashamed to talk about periods and hide sanitary napkins in black polybags or papers. You do?? Oh, leave!! Are periods really shameful? Isn’t it a natural thing and the reason through which you get real happiness in life, a baby. It is time to not take it as a taboo, but as any other normal thing.
A good partner is definitely a blessing during those 5-7 days of mensturation, when you are already going through so much, one who understands and takes care of you rather running away from you. At the same time we can not ignore the importance of a good sanitary napkin. I have used almost every sanitary napkin available in market from whisper to stayfree. But I started getting rashes with all the napkins and I bleed a lot during that time so I can not reply upon those cotton ones.
Last month I replaced my older ones with Everteen sanitary napkins. Its upper layer is made of 100% cotton and is so soft on skin, which made me believe that these would not cause any rashes. And trust me, this napkin literally did not cause any skin rash and was super soft against my sensitive skin. Also it absorbs so much that it goes 3-4hrs more than any other napkin. It is thin enough to give you required comfort in everyday work. I found both the length and width perfect.
These napkins come with antibacterial protection as they help prevent bacterial multiplication and also eliminate odor. These are fragrance free. 
What the brand says:
Introducing all new Everteen 100% natural cotton sanitary napkins which are designed with 8 layers of serious protection to provide maximize absorbency, dryness & comfort during those menstrual days. Surface of these sanitary napkins is made of 100% natural cotton which is non irritating and comfortable unlike other sanitary napkins which are made of rayon.
  • 8 Layer protection of everteen sanitary napkins:
  • Both side protection to prevent leakage
  • Large Surface made up of 100% natural cotton for an instant dry and soft feel
  • Negative ion strip neutralizes odour and relive menstrual discomfort
  • Sterilised air laid paper to guide menstrual fluid to superabsorbent polymer centre
  • Biodegradable polymer gel which absorb fluid effectively keeping the pad dry
  • Sterilized air laid paper for extra comfort and protection
  • Breathable bottom layer allows air to circulate, eliminates moisture & heat
  • Food grade non-toxic glue allows best fit to panty
Everteen Natural Cotton Sanitary Napkin
Everteen Natural Cotton Sanitary Napkin

Everteen Natural Cotton Sanitary Napkin
Everteen Natural Cotton Sanitary Napkin
Everteen Natural Cotton Sanitary Napkin
Everteen Natural Cotton Sanitary Napkin
Everteen pads come in a cardboard box packaging, which contains 10 individually packed napkins like any other brand. But it also have two complimentary “Everteen Intimate Hygiene wipes”.
Rs. 249 for 10 pads

– 100% cotton surface for instant dry and soft feel for sensitive skin
– Extra absorbent with 8 layer protection
– With wings for a secure fit and super soft sides for comfort
– Free of any artificial scents and fragrances
– Food grade nontoxic adhesive helps keep napkin in place
– Antibacterial negative ion chip helps prevent bacterial multiplication & eliminates odour
– Ultrathin 
– Breathable layers help keep moisture away, keeping it dry

Cons :

Just that they are a bit expensive, they are a favourite. I hope the company gives some discounts on them to increase their reach.

Overall Rating:


I would surely repurchase and recommend them. I get rashes from most of them but I am using these for last 2 months and Everteen pads are pure pleasure. no rashes, no itching. Full thumbs up from me :).

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  3. I don't know this interesting sanitary napkin
    Good holiday

  4. I got to try it only because of you and I so want to have it here in Melbourne. These sanitary napkins are really so good!!

  5. I think it is important to have natural products when you have the time of your month… I purchase expensive ones for Valentina as I believe that time of month is nasty and that a woman deserves the best product that makes them feel comfortable xox

  6. Charu I haven't seen this brand anywhere in stores in my town,will probably look for them online.Have heard lot of good things about this brand sanitary pads lately.Nice review.

  7. I love their intimate wash. Wish they were available in stores. Great review.

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