Natural Homemade Lip Packs

Heya lovelies,

I have faced severe chapped lips and in winters, this problem becomes acute. These days also, I am facing chapped lips and trying on different balms and packs for my lips.

Let me tell you what works for me best-

1. My no 1 is Carmex lip balm. Helps me always and the best.
2. Maybelline Babylips is my 2nd no favourite balm. The moisturization and healing it provides is the best among the category.
3. My 3rd favourite is Nivea lipbalm.

I have tried lots of other brands too. I won’t name all. All are good as normal lip balms but if we talk about problem lips, then nothing works towards healing and mending of lips.

This winter, I faced acute problem of lips- chapping of lips and surrounding area. So much that I went to a doctor and he prescribed me Neosporin cream. Got a relief with that. But this has led to discoloration of my lips and obviously I am not liking it. Hence, I thought of searching and trying some good lip packs, all natural.

The basic step in taking care of lips is Exfoliation. Exfoliate lips once a week and apply any lip pack daily. You will soon start noticing difference in your lips.
For exfoliation, rub slice of raw beetroot or peel of lemon on your lips. It will also make lips pink. You can also mix fresh cream of milk with turmeric and rub it on your lips.
And here are some packs for your gorgeous lips –
Lime – Honey  Pack

 Mix some drops of honey in lemon juice. Apply it daily on your lips. It will bring noticeable change in colour of your lips but you have to keep some patience to see the effect. Make fresh pack everyday.

Milk – Honey Pack

Mix raw milk in honey and leave the mixture on lips for half an hour. Apply it daily.
Pure Aloevera

Aloevera has bleaching properties. Apply aloevera gel or fresh aloevera pulp on lips and wash after 15 mins. This will provide natural moisture to the lips.
Almond – Milk Pack

Make powder of some almonds. Mix it in raw milk and apply the paste on lips. Wash after half an hour.
Almond Oil

Rub almond oil daily on lips. You will notice the difference in colour of lips in few months. (Patience dear :)).

Olive oil – Lime essential oil

Natural Homemade Lip Packs - olive oil

Mix 4 tablespoons olive oil in one and half teaspoon of lime flavor essential oil. Apply thick layer on lips and wash after 20 mins with cold water.

So try these out friends or whichever seems convenient to you and tell me the response :). I am sure you will be benefited. Just have patience and keep following the ritual. And you will have rose petals 😛

Will come back soon.
Till then,

Charu 🙂

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  1. Lovely post dear!Have a great weekend! xx

  2. Great tips and very valuable information. I had no idea Olive oil could be used for exfoliation.
    Have a great weekend.

  3. Great tips. Will try the milk honey lip pack…

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  4. Nice and easy DIYs 🙂

  5. I totally agree about BabyLips)) Love that balm!


  6. Valentina loves natural lip products… I am going to tell her about the honey one and the lime & lemon… She has an awesome lip color, this sounds like it would enhance them… xox

    I hope you are doing well Charu… Enjoy the rest of your weekend xox

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