Inveda Whitening and Brightening Cryo Mask Review

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I am excited today to share with you all, a wonderful product from Inveda – Whitening and Brightening Cryo Mask. Though I never believe in products that claim to be whitening and never promote such products, but this one, since it is a mask, I consider it to be different. Not for whitening, but when a mask cleanses the impurities from skin and brightens it up, then automatically, the skin looks clean and glowy and thus, little better complexion wise too.

Inveda Whitening and Brightening Cryo Mask Review

This mask comes in a sachet which has to be cut open. The sachet itself looks classy. As per the instructions on sachet itself, the whole content needs to be emptied in a bowl and paste is to be made using good quality mineral water which should be between 15 to 20 degree. Adjust the consistency of paste cautiously so that it is smooth and non flowy. Too much water will drip down and also increase the setting time. Less of water will make powder set too fast to apply it properly.


The sachet contains powder which is very refreshingly colored to a light blue/green and when water is added, it becomes a little dark, mint green sort of. The fragrance is also refreshing and soothing.

Inveda Whitening and Brightening Cryo Mask Review


Rs. 165/- for 1 sachet of 20 gms.

Diatomaceous Earth, Sodium Alignate, Calcium Sulphate, Sea Weed Extract, Cucumber Extract, Chamomile Extract.

Inveda Whitening and Brightening Cryo Mask Review


1. Cleanse the face and neck area.

2. Empty 20 gms of Cryo Mask in a 200 ml Bowl. Add Approx 50 ml of water at 20 Degree Cent. Stir quickly to obtain a creamy paste.

3. Apply a thick layer of paste over face and neck. Remove after 20 to 30 minutes in a single piece. Cleanse the face thoroughly and apply Moisturizer.

I got few products from Inveda to try on. Though all products looked promising, this mask was the one which caught my attention and I used it the same day J. I loved it!! Yes.
The sachet usage mentioned above says that whole content of the sachet is meant for single use. Its huge. And when you apply that quantity, it does come out in a single piece….well almost. Though the remaining is an effort to remove.
Inveda Whitening and Brightening Cryo Mask Review
Since I had 2 sachet, I used the other one in half half quantity. I used the whole sachet in 1 time but half of the paste went on my mom’s face and half on mine. The quantity was more than enough but since the thickness was reduced, the removal was in much more pieces than previous one. It was quite cumbersome too.
The results were similar in both cases and superb. This mask left my skin squeaky clean, shining, smooth, glowy, brightened and much more :). Say, a happier me. I will surely get more to accompany me while travelling to get that radiant skin instantly.
Inveda Whitening and Brightening Cryo Mask Review
  • Available easily online and at discount on Inveda’s website. Stock up some :).
  • Leaves skin clean, smooth, brightened, radiant.
  • The color and feel and fragrance of the mask is very refreshing.
  • Travel friendly packaging.
  • A great peel off mask for those on the run.
  • Luxurious sachet.
  • Great for oily skin but will suit all skin types. Moisturize skin after use.
  • Doesn’t come off in single piece always.

I surely recommend this superb mask from Inveda to all my friends whether boy or girl. Having clean and bright skin is good for all. And if it can be achieved at the luxury of home in 1/2 hr at a meager price than I think it is good enough. So, don’t wait and just invest in these masks to feel the sensation yourself :).

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