Jafra Spa “Today, I decided, is going to be different” Perfume – Review and Price

Jafra – “Today, I decided, is going to be different”
The name though 🙂

Isn’t the name of this fragrance really unique and motivating to start your day with a positive note!! I love Jafra products as none of their products has dissatisfied me till date. Jafra offers great quality products and you will fall in love with the fragrance of almost all. You can check more Jafra products here- 

I feel bad that they are no more in India. How I loved their pamper parties and their products and the way they worked!!
Women share a special bond with fragrances, atleast I do!! What perfume I want to wear depends on my mood for that particular day and sometimes taste changes and so do the fragrance. But Jafra fragrance is what I am hooked to, since the time I used it for the first time!! But yes I keep switching among this one and another perfume from Jafra. I have reviewed same and that too with an eye catching name, here “I Breathe, I Love, I Live, I Dream.”

A good fragrance makes my mood and to be honest it sometimes makes me go crazy. You may call me a perfume lover 😉 I think perfumes are equally important as our clothing, makeup and hair. It cheers up our mood and others too feel good when around, obviously nobody wants to be near to the person who stinks 😛 Remember Delhi Metro 😉 😛 no offense to anybody but it should be a part of maintaining hygiene.
Well let’s talk about Jafra – today I decided is going to be different. It is a delightful fresh orchid scent, very relaxing and calming and will make anybody fall in love with its enchanting effect. It is very light but good enough to stay whole day.  It really soothes my senses and smells heavenly.This will definitely give you oodles of confidence and compliments.
What the brand says –
Revitalize your senses today!
JAFRA fragrances are developed by world-renowned European perfumers, professionals who have a deep knowledge of a wide range of scents that cater to emotions and personalities. What makes a unique fragrance is the combination of high quality ingredients and the origin from which they are derived.
Using these methods, JAFRA has created scents that enable you to create memories, evoke moments in time, imagine, relax, energize and reflect your personality.
What the product description says –
Fragrance Notes: A blend of waterlilies, Cattleya orchids, spring roses, Indian sandalwood, Padauk wood, musk, orange, mandarin orange and pineapple.

How to use –
Spray on anytime you feel like refreshing your mood and enhancing your senses. 


Price –
Rs. 1490/-
Quantity – 
Pros –
  • Very mild but heavenly fragrance.
  • Lasts for almost 7-8hrs.
  • Very refreshing.
  • Affordable.
  • Good quality and quantity.
Cons –
  • Availability. The brand has already left India.
  • Packaging could have been better.
Overall Rating –
Don’t go for the price gals, the bottle lasts forever with same fragrance. I love both the perfumes too much and I somehow feel sad they have closed operations in  India. But anyways, the quantities are so good, I am going to enjoy the products for another half or full year. I got their CTM range to 3 of my relatives too, that much impressed I was with their range. Do grab Jafra products if you find them or can get them online. This perfume, fully recommended!!

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  1. Gloria Tochhawng says: Reply

    How can I have this in India

    1. No more available in India dear. You can get it from alternate sources though.

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