How To Style Tweed This Winter - OOTD

Uhhhh, winters going!! I so hate summers, all sweaty, humid, aaaggghhh :(

Till December, it almost felt like summer and now in February, again winters bidding an early good bye. So, today, a quick post on favorite my winter wear :)

What I like most about winters is coats and tweeds. Coats can be worn with just anything and everything and tweed is a personal favourite of mine. But today I am not flaunting any tweed coat or dress in these pictures, but a tweed skirt, which I absolutely love. Just enjoy the dress and scenery and of course, me :*

tweed skirt

winter wear

tweed outfit

outfit post

That's it. Hope you liked the pictures :).

Outfit Breakdown:

Tweed Skirt - Lakshita
Black Top - Valleygirl
Purple Cardigan - Mango
Golden Neckpiece - Sarojini Nagar
Shoes - Aldo

Makeup Breakdown:

Lips - MAC All fired Up
Bronzer - MAC Matte Bronze
Blusher - Gorgeous Blush Palette
Foundation - Gorgeous Base Perfect
Eyes - Morphe 35N Eyeshadow
         - Face of Australia Eye liner
Mascara - Gorgeous Waterproof Mascara


  1. i loved your mango cardigan girl
    keep in touch

  2. I love the long tweed dress, it looks so pretty xox.... As much as I despise winter, I am pretty sure I wouldn't want to have incredibly hot summers where all I did was sweat and not be able to leave the house in the middle of the day.. so I feel for you there xox


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