Palmolive Body Butter Peppermint Crush Exfoliating Body Wash Review

 Palmolive body butter peppermint crush Exfoliating Body Wash Review

My skin loves body wash over soap any day as it leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth all day. I went to the store to buy coconut scrub but it was out of stock, so I ended up buying peppermint crush which sounded refreshing to me.  Read on to know if I made a smart purchase!!

What the brand says:

If you are looking for smooth and luxurious skin, then Palmolive Body Butter Peppermint Crush will completely indulge you. It is designed for everyday use. It's rich, moisturizing formula with natural seeds gently exfoliates to clean and polish your skin’s surface, while helping retain natural moisture for soft, smooth and supple skin.


This exfoliating body wash comes in a transparent squeezable bottle. The packaging is really decent, sturdy and travel friendly.

Palmolive body butter peppermint crush Exfoliating Body Wash Review

Palmolive body butter peppermint crush Exfoliating Body Wash Review

 Palmolive body butter peppermint crush Exfoliating Body Wash Review


 Palmolive body butter peppermint crush Exfoliating Body Wash Review


 $6.79 AUD for 400ml 

My Views on Palmolive body butter peppermint crush Exfoliating Body Wash:

It has rich creamy texture and contains peppermint extracts and natural seed granules, so it gives a gentle exfoliation to the skin while softening it. 

Though its actual cost is $6.79 yet I got it for $2.99 as it was on discount, means only Rs. 150 in INR.  Can you believe!! Still for the real price, this product is a good value for money. Only a small amount is required to massage onto your whole body, when water is added to the little amount it spreads easily to give a rich leather.  I really like its refreshing smell and creamy texture, it is divine and so tempting. 

Being an exfoliating body wash, it does exfoliate the body but is gentle enough to be used as a body wash for everyday use. But I would not say it is a real exfoliator, you can’t replace it with your regular exfoliator as it works more as a body wash. Weekly exfoliating or whatever is your routine, should be done as you are already doing. Overall, it is a great product with delicious fragrance and totally affordable price and leaves skin feeling fresh and hydrated. I would simply call this product a luxury and it totally deserves a permanent place in your bathroom shelves.  


- Leaves skin soft and moisturized.
- Contains moisturising body butter and hence, leaves skin hydrated.
- Affordable price.
- Refreshing fragrance.
- Exfoliator cum body wash.
- Creamy texture.

Cons :

 - No con but don't expect too much exfoliation. It is light and meant for everyday use.

Overall Rating:


I would surely recommend this one as you get 2 benefits packed in 1 big bottle which is very light on packets too. Those who love the luxury of body washes, this will surely please your skin and souls :)


  1. I love this product my dear

  2. Interesting beauty product. We keep in touch. xx

  3. I love Palmolive Body Washes! They smell great!

  4. I have never used a Palmolive Body wash but by the sounds of it, it seems to be a wonderful product... I can see me loving the peppermint smell, it would be so refreshing and how nice that it has exfoliating properties xox

    I hope you and the family are doing well Charu... enjoy the rest of your week xox


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