How To Get Salon-Like Look At Home With URBANCLAP

salon like look with urbanclap
What gadgets are to a man, a make-up box is to a woman. For a woman like me, who swears by style, fashion accessories are her BFFs. At the risk of sounding immodest, I am a proud stylezilla. I eat, sleep and pray style. I am not shy to confess that nothing excites me more than dressing up for a party. Now you can very well imagine the excitement I had for my first ever office grand gala.
 The Plan

Not just me, my colleague Reena was equally enthusiastic about the big day in our little universe.  We decided to doll up at her house as it was nearer to the party location.  While we zeroed in on our outfits a week before, for the right make-up and hairstyle we planned to visit a salon. But little did we know fate had other plans for us.
The Hurdle

It was a weekend and I reached her home around 12 noon to give ourselves ample scope and time to plan and discuss.  We scouted around for a good salon. To our dismay, they were either crowded or weren’t good enough. Some of them had low hygiene standards and even the staff appeared untrained. Disappointed, we came back. We decided not to risk our looks and skin and find an alternative.
Seeking refuge in UrbanClap

It was then that we remembered UrbanClap, thanks to the radio jingle. So, what if we couldn’t go to the salon. Salon could surely come to us. We decided to take beauty services athome from UrbanClap. Without further ado, we downloaded the UrbanClap app and explored our options.
Boy, wasn’t it a cake walk! We just selected the service, punched in the details and filled in our budget. That’s it. What we got in return was an impressive list of beauticians. The app had an effective review system in place to help us choose. We selected Kamleshwari, our beauty expert, on the basis of good customer reviews and her sample video, which showcased her skills sets. In no time we called her, explained our requirements and sought an appointment. She was there, bang on time (which was such a relief!)
Beauty Expert on mission

The beautician we chose was professional to a tee. She came with her set of beauty and styling equipment and had a brief discussion with us regarding our preferences.
She took a glance at our outfits to decide on the make-up color palette. I obviously briefed her about my hairstyle preference too.
Mission in progress
salon like look with urbanclap

Got salon like curls at home

Thank God! Kamleshwari was well aware of the latest make up trends and hairstyles. I had opted for a glittery dress and Kamleshwari suggested I tone down the make-up and highlight my lips with red. As for my hair she suggested luscious loose curls that could do wonders to my look. Instinctively, I said yes.
Mission Accomplished

salon like look with urbanclap

Just loved my glamorous avatar

salon like look with urbanclap

My style file
salon like look with urbanclap

Reena’s style file
As anticipated, the look came out to be just perfect. The curls cascaded perfectly on to my shoulders and the red lipstick got me abundant compliments. As for my colleague Reena. She looked stunning in black. Her Smokey make up and straight hair looked awesome and complemented her flawless skin. Post our make-up, we also had a fun photo session to make the day memorable.

salon like look with urbanclap

The fun photoshoot made the day unforgettable

salon like look with urbanclap

Reena looked resplendent in black
We just couldn’t thank Kamleshwari enough. We had a blast at the party and made quite a style statement with our looks. Everything was just perrrrrfect! All thanks to the idea of availing beauty services at home. We sure nailed it in style.

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