The 5 Biggest Beauty Trends to Try This Summer

The 5 Biggest Beauty Trends to Try This Summer
With the spring season in full swing and summer just around the corner, it’s high time to freshen up your beauty look. Lucky for you, the spring/summer 2017 fashion shows gave plenty of inspiration for us to create our new summer look. From bright pops of color to toned-down minimalism, the spring/summer shows were a display of two extremes. But most importantly – the shows were all about flaunting what you have. With that being said, here are the 5 biggest beauty trends we’ll be seeing this summer season and that you can try yourself.
1. Radiant skin

Face makeup has gone through so much change over the last decade. From contouring to strobing and highlighting, it became increasingly difficult not to overdo things with face makeup and end up with oily skin instead of a natural glow. But now, the natural-looking skin will be the growing trend this summer season. That also means wearing the least amount of face makeup possible. So, ignore your contouring kit, your highlighter, bronzer, and your blush for now and let your natural beauty shine through. You can achieve the radiant look trending this summer simply by wearing lightweight foundation and a bit of concealer. Another plus of wearing less makeup is that you’ll be doing your healthy a favor as research show that many chemicals in today’s beauty products are harmful to our health.
2. Back to the 80s

While last year was marked by a return of 90s fashion trends, this year will be seeing a revival of the colorful 80s. Bright blush applied to the temples, and metallic eye shadows are trending this season, and we’ll probably be seeing more of that come summer. The same goes true for hair trends with side-swept bangs and big hair taking over the spring/summer fashion weeks – it’s like the 80s all over again! So, consider spring cleaning your makeup bag and replace earthy makeup with bright and bold colors. Or, alternatively just buy one or two items you feel you’ll be bold enough to wear this summer. As far as hair goes, big buns and teased hair will accentuate your extravagant personality, that is if this speaks to you. Otherwise, a simple side part will do.
3. Just a touch of color

As is typical for spring/summer fashion, bright colors took center stage this fashion season. From colorful eye shadows to bold lip colors, the Hermes, Kenzo, and Jill Stuart shows were all about bright eye makeup while other features were toned down. If you’re thinking about pulling off this look, make sure to start off with a clean canvas and use a nourishing eye creams. Your skin should look flawless, and the rest of your makeup should be minimal. Consider using light-coverage foundation and a bit of concealer to create a natural and no-makeup look. Next, use a bright-colored eyeshadow that goes well with your eye color and complexion. While no color was off limits at this season’s fashion weeks, we suggest being careful with your choice of colors.
4. Playful nail art

Since you won’t be needing those gloves and mittens anymore, it’s time to let those nails of yours shine and become one of your best features. This summer season, we’ll be seeing two extremes playing in the world of nail art. On one side of the spectrum, bold colors and geometric patterns make for an exciting summer. On the other side, we’ll also be seeing sheer, transparent, and nude nails for everyday wear. Whatever your preference of nail art for this summer, make sure that it compliments your makeup well. If you are flaunting 80s makeup, opt for sheer or neon nails. If, however, you plan to wear minimalistic makeup with a splash of color, consider nail art featured on the Proenza Shoulder and Alice + Olivia shows which included bare nails with a splash of color.
5. Bold to be yourself

While not every look you see on the runway is suitable for everyday wear, some bolder looks can easily be worn without going overboard and looking tacky. Consider adorning your hair with clips or braids as seen at Bottega Veneta. This will give just a bit of edge to your summer look. The goal is to be playful and to be yourself above everything else. So, if you like metallic nails, neon eyeliners, blue mascara, and orange lipstick, own your look and wear it proudly because summer is all about having fun.

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This summer season, makeup and beauty will be more about accentuating what you already have and playing with makeup just for the fun of it. Bold and bright colors paired with toned-down face makeup will be the staple looks this season. So, make sure to focus on your skincare and go easy with your makeup routine to let your natural radiance show. Consider nourishing your skin with gentle cleansers and wrinkle creams that prevent the first signs of skin aging.
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