Basic Skin Care Routine For All Skin Types

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Hello friends 🙂
There comes a phase in life when one starts thinking about skin, either it is getting old, mature or dry, oily etc. All in all, one is not satisfied with the skin condition. Skin gets dehydrated with ageing, and hence many problems.
We all love and take care of our skin, at least we want to and most of us believe that our skin is complicated. But I agree, whether you have oily, sensitive combination or dry skin, all have their pros and cons. While oily and sensitive skin is prone to acne, dry skin is prone to early wrinkles and combination skin leaves most of the girls confused as to which product range should they use. 
My skin fluctuates a lot. By a lot means a lot. Some days it’s super oily, some days its very dry except ‘T’ zone and other days its totally dry and patchy. Sometimes even your regular foundation leaves your skin patchy as it doesn’t get absorbed in the skin due to poor skin condition. It must have happened with some of you. It happens with me. 
I got many messages of people asking me for some solution for all these skin problems. So today I am sharing this mantra of getting healthy, glowing and perfect skin so that you don’t ever have to face that patchy skin or patchy foundation again. 
After a certain age, lets say 28 or 30,  it becomes necessary to follow a skin care regimen to keep those wrinkles at bay and to keep your skin healthy and smooth. A proper skin care regime also helps in reducing acne problem. Skin care for all skin types consists of four essential steps, i.e; cleansing, toning, serum and moisturizing. Let’s discuss all these in detail but first, a step by step guide and right order for application –
1. Remove makeup, if any, with either wipes, micellar water, oil or whatever you use. I am loving Micellar water these days.
2. Cleanse your face with a good cleanser. I love Cetaphil for Oily Skin.
3. Exfoliate once in a while, say 2-3 times a week to remove all the dead cells or dirt that get accumulated on skin. I love my  Jafra Exfoliating scrub, very gentle and amazing results.
4. Use toner, a good hydrating on. I love my Olay toner. Take toner on a cotton ball and wipe whole face including neck and wait for its drying out completely. Don’t wash off.
5. Serum is an essential step as it contains active ingredients and is usually faster in bringing results. Squeeze out a little quantity, a drop or so and dab on your face. No rubbing allowed, pat pat dab dab :). Let it get absorbed completely before moving onto next step. Wait for atleast 5 mins. I love Jafra and Elucent serum.
6. Apply eye cream if you want at this time. I love Inveda eye cream.
7. Go for your favourite moisturizer now. It will further hydrate your skin and lock in everything in place.
8. If it is day time, then go for sunscreen at this step. If you are into any medicated sunscreen recommended by doctor, then use it after serum and not in last as it will be needing more penetration. I love Neutrogena sunscreens.
Follow this order to get maximum benefit of every product. Products will be better penetrated into skin and hence better results will be visible.
Now, lets see the mandatory steps in detail –


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Cleansing is the basic but most important part of your skin care routine and is equally important for all age groups. A good skin cleanser plays a very important role in keeping your acne problem at bay and helps get rid of all impurities and pollution. My all time favorite cleanser is CETAPHIL Oily Skin Cleanser, I have been using it since years and I swear by it. If you have sensitive skin then you can try CETAPHIL Cleansing Lotion For Sensitive Skin. It has a bit of medicated fragrance but when you see the positives, that fragrance doesn’t even matter. 

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People often think that toning is not that necessary and doesn’t need to be included in daily skin care. Ladies, it helps tighten your skin while balancing your skin’s PH level and also makes it healthy and hydrated. Always check the ingredients while buying a toner as it should not contain alcohol and prefer one suitable for your skin type. Currently I am using OLAY Toner and it is one of the best I have ever used. You can also use rose water or LOTUS HERBALS RoseTone Toner in place of toner, if you prefer something natural and it won’t make a hole in your pocket.

This is the most important step which will give you amazing results and there will be noticeable change in your skin within few weeks. Serum is the main food for your skin as it is full of all the essential nutrients it needs to blossom. You can use either oil or serum depending upon your skin type. If you have dry skin then you can use face oils in place of serum. In serums, I recommend ELUCENT Anti Ageing Serum and OLAY Regenerist Serum and in oils KOSMEA Organic Rosehip Oil. It will improve your skin’s texture and your skin will be visibly firmer. 
If you think your skin is too oily to use a serum, mix few drops of water in it and then apply or just apply on damp skin. You can do same with oil too.

Here comes the last but mandatory step of your daily skin care routine. And it is equally important as all the other steps and will help your skin brighten and hydrate. Choose moisturizer suitable for your skin type. I recommend using a light water based moisturizer or gel for those with super oily skin. For day time if you are going out, always apply sunscreen in place of moisturizer (atleast SPF 30-50) and apply night cream before going to bed. ELUCENT Night Cream has done wonders to my skin and it suits my and my mom’s skin equally.

I myself have feared moisturizing part most of my life but now I have come to know that only with this little care, we can keep our skin so much smooth and supple.
Don’t be afraid oily skin beauties, just find the right product and go for it. You will thank me for sure 🙂
1. Always remove your makeup first before washing your face or before going to bed, with a good makeup remover, depending upon your skin type. You can also use cleansing milk or baby oil as a substitute. 
2. Try to keep at least a few minutes gap between toning, serum and moisturizing.
3. Use eye cream separately as they are specifically meant for eyes and hence better moisturization.
4. Exfoliate once in a while as this step alone brings great difference to skin.
5. Use of sunscreen is must before leaving home, apply 10-15 mins before leaving time.
6. Follow it religiously to get optimum results.
Though we get lazy at times, but if you feel your skin is not behaving properly, just try following this post and you will be wondering at the outcome.
Go for it 🙂

Charu 🙂

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  1. Fantastic tips Charu! As I am getting older, my skin has started to dry out a bit, so I have had to re-adjust my skin routine.

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  2. Nice and useful set of tips. Am too using Olay Regenerist serum and totally love it…

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  3. I'm going to steal some tips 🙂 yes serum is extremely important.. Thanks for sharing

  4. Such, a beautiful post, super gorgeorus.

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