DevaCurl DevaCare Arc ANGel Firm Holding Gel

Deva Care

I am writing this post for a reason. Today, I am carrying my curly hair with panache and feeling happy about it. The product I am reviewing today is the main reason behind my happiness.

Lets know more about it 🙂

Deva Care

DevaCurl is a brand famous for curly hair. I believe all curly girls must be aware of it. The brand only caters to curly hair type – all types, various textures, various curly levels. it is a dream sort of brand for CURLIES.

I wanted so many products from Devacurl for so long that I can’t tell you. Though I am late in reviewing this but I have 3 products from this great brand for more than a year. Got all the products from US only, since they are not available here. I have No Poo Cleanser, Devacare One Condition and this firm Hold Gel from DevaCare range and I feel proud of it :).


Deva Care


Why DevaCurl brand is so popular –

DevaCurl DevaCare is a maximum hold, no crunch styling gel that defines and controls your curls.

Curly hair is bold, beautiful, natural and it’s our mission to celebrate your curls.

It is their tagline. I like the feel. We have always tried to straighten our curly hair, pressing, smoothening, rebonding or keration sort of numerous treatments. Result? Damage, hair fall etc. Better start loving your curly hair and they will love you back but you need to understand them and care for them.

DevaCurl products are totally Sulphate, Silicon, Alcohol-free, Paraben-free, Ammonia free, Formaldehyde free and Cruelty-free/ No animal Testing.

Earlier, the brand had 2 types of ranges –

  1. DevaCurl, which catered to all hair types.
  2. DevaCare, which was enhanced with vitamins and orange peel especially for chemically processed and color treated hair.

I went for DevaCare though I never got straightening or coloring done. But since I use my straightener regularly, I decided for going for it.

This firm hold moisturizing and defining gel dissolves instantly when applied to wet hair and dries forming a moisture-protective cast to enhance curls.

Ingredients –

Deva Care

Price –

$22 for 355ml

How To Use –

  1. Tilt head forward.
  2. Scrunch wet curls in an upward motion.
  3. Apply gel between palms and glide through hair.
  4. Scrunch upward toward the scalp to define curls.
  5. Once dry, scrunch curls again to release cast to reveal beautiful curls.

My Experience with DevaCare Arc ANGeL Firm Holding Gel

I have been using this on and off for last 1 year. In fact, whenever I wear my hair curly, this gel should be in my hair or I hate them for being that curly. My hair are super curly, super dry, frizzy and unmanageable and due to constant ironing, they are bit damaged too. But whenever I am not in a mood to use my lovely REMINGTON STRAIGHTENER, I just wash them with my DevaCare No Poo Cleanser, One Condition conditioner and then comes these holding gel. I normally use 2 squirts for  whole hair, scrunch them a lot and leave them. This gel doesn’t make my hair crunchy, they are crunchy when gel is applied but then when I break the crunch a little, it goes away completely. As the brand says, the gel gets dissolved into hair immediately while giving them a good hold and reducing frizz to a great extent.

Deva Care


The consistency of the gel is bit on runny side which I don’t like much and the smell is also not that good. But when the ingredient list is so good and the results are also amazing, I don’t at all mind such petty things. I simply trust that brand.

This gel is sufficient on its own and I don’t usually need any other product to hold my hair, no sprays, nothing. I just need to vary the quantity of gel according to hold required. Though I would not say that frizz goes 100% but yes, 90% it goes away and I have not seen a better product till date.

My curly mops love this gel. They are friends for life. My curly hair have never looked better. when I ant to wear curly hair, this is my go to product. It is long lasting, the hair don’t budge for whole day. Next day, I start afresh.

I would recommend this gel to all curly beauties. Do try it to feel the power of curls. You won’t regret it. All compliments, all happiness. Plus no harmful chemicals, nothing bad at all. Don’t skip it.

Overall Rating –


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