Colourpop Super Shock Eyeshadows – Porter, Envy, Lace, Cheap Date Review and Swatches

Colourpop is a very famous brand now, not only for its products but also for the facts that is it inexpensive, cruelty free and most of the products are completely vegan. The exceptions have been mentioned on the official website’s FAQs. The colours I am talking about today are all vegan :).

Colourpop Eyeshadows come in a white tub packaging with transparent cap, colourpop written over it, which fades in a few days. The product seems creamier in the tub but when you take it on your finger, it turns to powder finish. The colours are all so pigmented and great, no fall outs, all unique shades and superhit.

Best way to apply Colourpop Eyeshadows – is by applying with fingers. Dip your fingertip in tub and deposit it directly on your lid. This is the way to get maximum out of the eyeshadow. You can blend it easily with any blending brush without facing any creasing or fallout.

Price and Quantity

$5 for 2.1gm

Colourpop Lace

The brand website describes Lace as ‘A satin deepened violet’. My favourite. Such a gorgeous violet it is, such an unavoidable colour. It makes you fall in love with it.  I have a fascination for blue, green and purple eyeshadows or eyeliners. when I saw this, obviously I wanted to but this and at $5, it never hurts. The shade is superbly pigmented and has glitter particles – purple and pink shimmers and when these catch light, oh my my, true beauty it is.

Colourpop Porter

This is such a must have shade and is a part of Kathleen Lights collaboration with Colourpop. It comes in quad, but is being sold separately in tub too. Porter is a warm burgundy type shade which is neither matte, nor metallic. It has very fine golden glitters which get evenly distributed when applied on lid. The pigmentation is great and can easily be build up. It goes great as a single shade too. No fading or creasing or fallout, make this a fav.

Colourpop Envy

I like the brand’s tagline – Black saturated with violet glitter, Trust us: those bitches will be jelly. This eye shadow is bold enough and glamorous. I though of it as dark navy sort of colour. Those deep blues, with blue-purple glitters. But actually, this shades is more of black, a matte sort of black. The glitter particles are shades of violet, purple and bit of turquoise and look great, like midnight sky. It looks amazing in lightning. The pigmentation, as other Colourpop eye shadows is great.

Colourpop Cheap Date

Website says ‘A true gold with silver glitter’ , apt description it is. The colour is a beautiful golden which can never fail you. It is a superb shade for night look and stays on forever. though not very bright in one swipe but you can build it up for full intensity. It is a superb shade for Indian weddings, for brides too. In fact, I have got this for Ritcha only, for professional use. The silver glitter particles are not chunky and so finely milled that you won’t ever feel glitter on your eyes. Its light weight but well pigmented. again, no creasing, no fading and no fallouts.


Hope you all enjoyed the post and it made you help in the color selection. All the colors are very pretty and must buy. You won’t regret any, plus Colourpop Telepathy too :).

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  1. Amazing shades, great pigmentation <3 Love all shades !!

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