How To Take Care Of Makeup Brushes

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This post will benefit all but is especially for makeup artists. As many put faith in us for special days like weddings and it is us who can build the trust through our actions :).

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Recently, I did makeup of bride for a wedding, not for bridal but for her cocktail and her mother’s for all functions. It was out-station wedding and when I reached there, I saw the bride-to-be was suffering from severe form of acne. Her skin was in bad state and breaking out!!

It’s a horror sort of situation, not for me, but for the bride, yes. I was only a day’s affair for me but for her, hmmmm. Every girl wants to look and feel best on her wedding and takes all sort of precautions and follows proper skin care regime to get the best outcome.

So, I asked her how this happened? She told me that it happened after her engagement makeup. Again a horror story!! Why this happened? There can be numerous reasons, tough to know. A single product can cause this havoc, any ingredient. Again, this is a tricky situation. you never know what can cause breakouts. But what we can keep a check upon is – MAKEUP BRUSHES.

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Makeup Brushes can be home for tons of bacteria easily. I have always noticed how the parlours, salons and some makeup artists don’t bother to sanitize their makeup brushes after every single use. Though brushes require a thorough wash after every makeup but if you have multiple makeups on a given day, then for every client, it is your duty to at least sanitize brushes or if possible, keep different set of brushes for all.

And in that bride’s case, I feel this could have been the reasons for the havoc. If one client has bad skin and some sort of infection and same brush is used on another client, the infection is transferred and it will keep on spreading.

Being a makeup artist, cleaning brushes is a part of my everyday life. Hygiene comes first as it will protect the skin infections from spreading and if you don’t get time of washing brushes after every use then make sure of disinfecting brushes with a brush cleanser.


Here are some PRO tips for taking care of your beloved makeup brushes –

  1. For hygiene and optimum performance, you should clean brushes in between every use with a brush cleanser or professional spray.


  1. Wash the hair/bristles of the brush with warm (not hot) soapy water regularly or use a mild shampoo. Synthetic brushes need a special care and cleaning to completely remove all the product.


  1. Never clean a brow/lash comb or any plastic headed brush with a brush cleaner, as every brush cleaner contains certain level of alcohol and that alcohol in the cleanser causes the plastic to snap and become brittle.


  1. Never use conditioner on brushes after washing.


  1. Do not saturate the brush head as this can loosen and damage bristles.


  1. After washing, never stand the brushes to dry or  make them stand with bristles on the downside, like on a brush drying stand. Always dry lying down, flat on a towel or tissues.


  1. Always be careful while cleaning brush roll. Never use products containing petroleum, ammonia, solvents or such similar substances.


Little bit of awareness and hardwork can make your work stand out. Please be cautious when someone puts faith in you. Consider hygiene a very important aspect of makeup profession.

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