My Skin has found new Friends – Inveda Facial Kits – Review

Inveda Facial Kit

Apart from the normal CTM routine, our skin needs special care all year round but in winters, it becomes a must. Now that I am in my 30s, to prevent ageing signs, I need to take good care of my skin. Easier said than done!! Taking time out is a difficult task with 2 kids, a full time job and my blog.

What to do then!! You neglect skin and you will see it showing negative effects too soon. Better to take time out and care for it. I seriously don’t find time to have regular facials, pedicures, manicures etc. salon services. Once in a year sort of luxuries are these for me :). In fact, on weekends, I am too lazy to go to salon :D.

Here come to my rescue Inveda Facial Kits. I have bought Facial Kits earlier too but those salon packs are too big and usually I had to throw them as they expired. Thanks to Inveda for launching these one time use mini kits at reasonable cost that you can get easily without any guilt. Results!!

Lets see :).

I got two of the kits and I am going to discuss about both here.

1. Inveda Argon Oil and Dragon Fruit Facial Kit –

Inveda Facial Kit


Price – Rs. 245/- but presently on sale in Rs. 221/-. You can easily find it on Nykaa too.

What the website says –

Designed with naturally derived scientific Bio Sodium Hyaluronate & other actives to complete the Facial in a short time with visible results.

Products in the kit (5) :

1.Argan Oil & Dragon Fruit Cleanser 5ml – 1 pc.

2.Argan Oil & Dragon Fruit Scrub 7ml – 1 pc.

3.Argan Oil & Dragon Fruit Cream 10ml – 1 pc.

4.Argan Oil & Dragon Fruit Pack 10ml – 1 pc.

5.Argan Oil & Dragon Fruit Protective Serum 5ml – 1 pc.


Inveda Facial Kit


Benefits :

  • It is suitable for all skin types. And it really is. It suits my oily acne prone skin too well.
  • Argan Oil gives skin a natural boost and provides skin with a natural glow.
  • Dragon Fruit fights signs of ageing and promotes skin health.
  • Bio Sodium Hyaluronate contains skin conditioning humectants.
  • Protects the skin against harmful rays of the sun
  • Brighter complexion

nveda Argon Oil and Dragon Fruit Facial Kit

nveda Argon Oil and Dragon Fruit Facial Kit


2. Inveda Passion Fruit and Silk Protein Facial Kit –

Inveda Facial Kit

Price – Rs. 225/- but on sale currently at Rs. 203/- on Inveda website.

What the website says –

Designed with naturally derived scientific Silk Proteins & other actives to complete the Facial in a short time with visible results. Effectively reduces dryness & dullness, brightens up skin. For all skin type – Normal, Dry or Oily.

Products in the kit (5) :

1. Passion Fruit & Silk Protein Cream 5ml * 1 pc,

2. Passion Fruit & Silk Protein Scrub 7ml * 1 pc,

3. Passion Fruit & Silk Protein Cream 10ml * 1 pc,

4. Passion Fruit & Silk Protein pack 10ml * 1 pc,

5. Passion Fruit & Silk Protein protective Serum 5ml * 1 pc.

Inveda Facial Kit


Benefits :

  • Passion Fruit Oil protects skin from DNa damaging free radicals.
  • Silk Protein protects skin against negative influence of environment.
  • Effectively reduces dryness and dullness
  • Bright and rejuvenated skin
  • Keep skin troubles at bay
  • For all skin types

Inveda Facial Kit

Inveda Facial Kit


How to Use –

Since both the kits have same steps, I will be writing generic steps.

Step 1 – Cleanse the face with few drops of Cleanser. Wash off.

Step 2 – Exfoliate gently with Scrub for just 2-3 minutes. Use few drops of water for smooth movements. Clean the movements.

Step 3 – Nourish with small quantity of massage cream for 5-6 minutes or till it gets absorbed, using right pressure and strokes. Massage should always be done in upwards motion. Massage time can be extended if being done by some professional.

Step 4 – Apply the pack evenly for rejuvenation of skin. When semi dry, give a short massage and it will get removed. If needed, use water. (I always use water :)).

Step 5 – Use serum as final step to protect skin. Lightly massage till it gets absorbed.


My Experience with Inveda Facial Kits –

I and my mum have used both the kits at least twice and finally we both can say that we love them. Trying a product on different skin types and age matters a lot. While my skin is oily and my mother’s skin is very normal. The facial kits, as claimed by brand, suited both skin types equally. I was too satisfied with the results. My mom’s skin felt clean, soft and rejuvenated. While I had similar results but thankfully, there was no pimple breakout or any such thing. I dread pimples while having facials in salons as I have faced that 80%. Now I go for only gel based creams in salons. But this kit has got me do away with all such fears. It is so easy to use, takes only 15-20 minutes and you get amazing skin at the comfort of your home!!

Small sachets are provided in cardboard box. There are 5 sachet in a box that are to be used one by one. Though one kit is meant for one time use but the quantity is sufficient for at least 3 times use. Since these are sachet, storing them is a problem but I kept mine in the same box and none of the product spilled or dried up in 1-2 months. No need to store more than that.

I like the fact that face pack is not last step. I love the serum provided in the kit as a last step for the facial. It leaves the skin soft, smooth, radiant and moisturized. The scrub is also good, with fine granules.

I totally recommend both the Inveda Facial Kits as a quickie food for your facial skin. The skin gets so much better and gets ready to fight with Delhi Pollution again!! The ingredients are all good and the product is cruelty free.

I will  surely be repurchasing these as I so avoid those hour long salon trips for facials plus these are so affordable!!


Overall Rating –



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    1. Yes Megha. These are really nice and effective.

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