7 symptoms when you need to see a neurologist immediately

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A neurologist is a specialist who treats the disorders related to the nerves, spinal cord and brain. Though the severity and frequency of the symptoms decide the criticality of an individual’s medical condition; there are certain symptoms, you just can’t afford to ignore! Following are seven symptoms that need your immediate attention and warrant your neurologist’s appointment without delay –

  1. Headache

An occasional headache is normal and harmless. However frequent headaches accompanied by vomiting, unrelenting throbbing, seizures or vision changes can be a major cause of concern as it can be an indication of the internal haemorrhage.

  1. Pain or Numbness/tingling sensation

Temporary tingling or numbness might be due to compression of sensory nerves and is a common phenomenon. However, persistent pain or numbness that affects one side of the body or causes weakness needs special attention as it may be an indication of certain autoimmune diseases or even cancer.

Sudden numbness of the chin which is unilateral with no oral/ dental cause can be the first sign of multiple sclerosis or can also be an indication of cancer of breast, prostate or small cell lung.

Pain and numbness in hand can also be a sign of carpal tunnel syndrome, which if not treated immediately, may cause permanent damage to the median nerve.

Loss of sensation around the genitals and the buttocks requires an immediate visit to the neurologist as it may be a symptom of a tumour in the spinal column.

  1. Weakness

Sudden weakness in any part of the body which is not associated with any other condition demands urgent medical attention as it may be a warning of paralysis.

  1. Muscle twitches

Tiredness, muscle overuse or the old age can cause a muscle twitching and is common. However, if it becomes frequent, progressive and spread further to other muscles, it can be the symptom of motor neuron disease which needs to be treated urgently.

  1. Poor vision

If you are facing sudden vision changes such as blurry vision or vision loss for a short period affecting both the eyes, you need to visit the neurologist immediately. It can be because of the rising intracranial pressure and can be an indication of brain tumours.

  1. Dizziness

Dizziness is different from feeling lightheaded which is common. If you are feeling that you are spinning or swaying, even when you are not, you might be having vertigo. In either case, whether you are suffering from vertigo or feeling as if you are going to faint accompanied by fuzzy hearing, vision loss, lightheadedness and nausea, you need immediate medical attention.

  1. Problems with movements

Clumsiness, sudden tremors, unintentional movements or stiffness require urgent medical treatment. Shuffling while walking indicates the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease and thus, warrants a visit to the neurologist.

Everyone wants to be fit and fine. In today’s fast-paced life, we can always ignore an occasional headache or fatigue due to our hectic schedule. However, persistent problems demand our time and attention and hint us that our body requires medical care. Above mentioned symptoms mandate an urgent visit to the doctor and in such case, you should take an appointment with the neurologist in Bangalore on the highest priority.

Be alert, save life.

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