How Face Oils can do wonders to your Skin

Kosmea Rosehip Face Oil

I have been hearing a lot about face oils since years but was always scared about using it on my own skin. First thought was that face oils should be used only after age of 30 and second, these may cause breakout as I have oily skin. After all, oil is oil. I wish someone has told me about the benefits of these while clearing my doubts back then.

But now I have realized that face oil was the biggest missing step in my beauty regimen. I have been using it for almost an year now and it has visibly improved my skin texture. The key to choosing the right face oil for your skin is to know that not all face oils suit everyone. Some will help nourishing your skin, other can irritate as well. Better try a sample first or consult your dermatologist.

Today I’m here to share the amazing benefits of facial oils as per my experience, which I think all my readers should know.


Kosmea Rosehip Face Oil


  1. Shrink enlarged pores:

Some high end oils contain jojoba, camellia and macadamia, which really help in reducing the appearance of pores making them small. Some budget oils which are readily available at the local grocery stores might not be that effective or not effective at all and may give you clogged pores. I’m not saying that all high brands are good ones and vice versa. Again I’ll say choose wisely and read about the ingredients before trusting any product.


  1. Reduce wrinkles: 

We all start those signs of ageing when we reach 30 and wrinkles are often one of the most common sign. Pollution and ultra violet rays cause much damage to the skin than we can even imagine. For this, always try to look out for primrose oil or argan oil or grape seed oil or the one with vitamin E or product containing primrose oil. All these are rich in anti-aging properties.


  1. Great for banishing acne spots

I totally understand the feeling of using face oil on your face if you have oily skin and suffer from acne. But darling, you are not going to have more pimples while using a good face oil, like tea tree oil or jojoba oil. It not only helps in banishing spots but also helps in curing recurrence of acne. Just keep in mind that 1-2 drops are enough for full face. Or just mix it in your regular night cream.


Kosmea Rosehip Face Oil


  1. Boon for dry flaky skin

Face oils are a boon for that dry, rough and flaky skin. Apply it in the morning and at night to get the best benefits. Face oils are way more effective than any other moisturizer. But try to apply a good serum before oil as it helps to get face oil absorbed much deeper into the skin, giving you maximum benefits. Almond oil and virgin coconut oil are really good for dry skin but it’s better to consult your dermatologist before investing in one.


  1. Oils as makeup primer

Believe it or not but oils are perfect primer for makeup. Face oils like pumpkin seed and mandarin provide your skin with maximum hydration and makes makeup settle comfortably and it will look more natural and flawless. I don’t suggest using face oils as primer for oily skin beauties or those with open pores. But for dry skin girls, this is definitely a plus. Girls with oily skin as well as dry skin can try Kosmea organic rosehip oil, while dry skin ones can use it all year round, oily skin girls can use it in winters. It is highly concentrated with antioxidant ingredients and also helps in reducing fine lines, scars and open pores.


  1. Protect skin from pollution

We all are aware about the bad effects of pollution on hair and skin. Pollution makes the skin dehydrated while stealing the moisture from inside. But oils serve as natural skin barrier. Oils not only provide your skin with moisture and hydration but also helps keeping toxins and pollution particles away.


  1. Helps curing skin discoloration and pigmentation

You can keep major skin problems like pigmentation and skin discoloration at bay if you start using suitable face oil at the correct time as it helps in reducing the same. But for pigmentation it is a must to use a serum followed by face oil followed by a good sunscreen with pa+++.


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