Nature Sure Kalonji Oil Review

Nature Sure Kalonji Oil

Welcome Winters.

Hello dry days!!

Winters have knocked our doors and we all now crave for that sunshine. Cozy warm blankets call us all the time ;). Though I find winters much better than summers, but with winters, come dry skin and dry hair. All need more moisture, more hydration. Since I have curly hair, which are  already dry, get so lifeless in winters. So, I always go for best of oils and hair masks and steam sessions in winters.

Here, I will review today my newly found friend for achieving those luscious locks and weight loss too!!

Nature Sure Kalonji Oil
Nature Sure is a brand that is giving us 100% natural and pure products. I am using this Kalonji oil since last month and quite happy with the results. I have used this for oiling my hair and I have noticed that hair fall has reduced and the scalp is no more flaky which are common problems during winters. I am yet to use it for weight loss concerns. But for hair, I am liking it. Since it is a natural product, with no added fragrances, the smell is not so good, but again, it is a good thing. I am soon going to use it for various purposes and will update the post accordingly.

Price –

Nature Sure Kalonji Oil

Quantity –


Packaging –

The oil comes in a green plastic bottle, in a cardboard box. The bottle has a flip open cap. The oil is dark in colour and is thick in consistency, more thick than we normally use. The cap fits tightly and there is no spillage problem.


Nature Sure Kalonji Oil

Lets have a look on the various benefits of Kalonji –

  • This oil is known for its miraculous power of healing remedy for all diseases except death.
  • Medical studies have proven role of Kalonji as antihypertensive, liver tonic, diuretics, digestive, anti-diarroheal, appetite stimulant, analgesic , anti-bacterial and in skin disorders.
  • The scientific studies have established its medicinal and healing effects as Antidiabetic, Anticancer, Immunomodulator, Analgesic, Antimicrobial, Anti-inflammatory, Spasmolytic, Bronchodilator, Hepato-protective, Renal protective, Gastro protective, Antioxidant etc.
  • Kalonji oil is said to be an ultimate source of essential fatty acids.
  • Kalonji Oil is best fuel for hair growth and treatment of scalp and hair loss.
  • Kalonji has anti-obesity action and helps in reducing weight and glucose levels, thus helping in diabetes too.
  • Kalonji oil helps in improving body tone and prevents skin wrinkles.
  • Kalonji helps in treating sleep disorders (insomnia).
  • Soothes bronchitis, cures coughs.

Uffffff, I am panting, seeing all the qualities, telling you all about these, learning myself, I am just wondering. All the goodness in one little black seed!! It is miraculous. There is no reason why we should not have this in our home.

Since Nature Sure, as a brand, has come up with 100% pure and natural, you can use it as per your needs, in different ways.

Since I am on look out for weight loss all the time :P, I will share with you how to consume it for that specific purpose.

  • Kalonji oil + Honey.
  • Kalonji oil + cinnamon powder + honey (+lemon optional).
  • Kalonji oil + orange juice.

Alternately, you can consume Kalonji seeds too or mix them in vegetables.

Excess consumption of Kalonji should be avoided as it produces heat in the body which can create complications especially for pregnant and trying to conceive women. Eat only recommended quantity.

Kalonji Oil – Nigella Sativa ( Black Cumin) is rightly called “The Seed of Blessing”.


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