Top 6 Prom Hacks Girls NEED to Know

prom hacks

When it comes to getting ready for prom, you will want to know all the cheats possible so you can spend time doing what really matters to you. This may be dress shopping, spending time with friends before the big event and even studying!

Working smart when there is little time and lots to do can never be a bad thing. Knowing these prom hacks will be the ultimate getting ready guide and every girl should have access to it!

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So here they are, the top prom hacks every girl should know in the lead up to prom –

  1. Get all the important stuff prepared at least 3 months in advance!

This includes the dress, tickets’, transportation, prom hair styles and make-up inspiration. You don’t need to have finalised ideas but it helps to start thinking about these things early so 1-2 months before you can start booking and buying things before its rush-hour!


  1. Checklist it.

If you aren’t an organised gal, it’s best to have a basic checklist so you’re not scrambling around last minute. We recommend putting things like: the hair, bag, perfume, shoes, nails, make-up, ride arrangements and photo bits.


  1. Know the make-up cheats so you’re not stressed on prom day!

There are plenty of snappy and clever make-up tips out there to get your prom off to a smashing start. Here are a few:

  • If you can’t do eyeliner and haven’t booked a make-up appointment, try using a throwaway flosser for the best wing ever.
  • If you have a fancy hairstyle, spray hairspray on your bobby pins to keep them in place throughout the wild dancing and selfie-taking.
  • Use an ice cube for unwanted zits. Simply place on the trouble area for 30 seconds then place a tissue with eye drops on it for a few minutes. This decreases irritation and redness. Then add concealer to further cover the zits and pimples that may appear.
  • Layer up the lipstick 4-5 times and add powder in between once or twice to ensure your lipstick stays perfect throughout the night!


  1. When it comes to photos – choose natural light when possible!

Before, sunset is the perfect time to get the most important snaps in when everything has just been done. You’ll want to remember the primer, contours, concealers and finishing touches if you are choosing to wear make-up. Remember to keep a natural pose in photos more importantly and of course, don’t forget to smile.


  1. Ditch the foundation that has SPF in!

If you haven’t already experienced the ghost-like sheen after a photo session, you’re lucky! It’s best to avoid any foundation that has sun factor in it. This is because it will cause a ghost/white glow when the flash goes.


  1. Think about a self-lighting phone case.

This way you don’t have to worry about finding the perfect lighting when the lights get low and the party is on. You and your friends will always be photo ready.


We hope we have helped you tune-in to some helpful hacks for prom. Knowing them will really help you have the smoothest ride throughout the lead-up and prom itself. Have an awesome time beauties!


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