How To Pamper The Skin You Are In



On an everyday basis, our skin fights against more evil than we think – from pollution, harmful UV rays to the cosmetic ordeal it’s put through. We tend to get so caught up in the all-too-familiar rut of life that we end up taking our skin for granted, not realizing that its condition is nothing but a reflection of how healthy we truly are.

While there is always more than what meets the eye, looking one’s best starts with feeling good in your skin and this is why pampering your skin (and yourself) every once in a while is a must.




The skin clinic at AAYNA, set up by Dr. Simal Soin, considered India’s best dermatologist, has taken the lead in offering holistic skin care services to pamper yourself – giving you good looking skin not just from the outside, but new life from the inside. Some of their most popular services are:


  1. Forest Essentials Facial

Collaborating with Forest Essentials, the pioneer of luxurious Ayurveda in India, AAYNA brings to you the best of age-old Ayurvedic techniques seamlessly blended with new-age technology. All the ingredients used in the facial are organic and high-quality, making it the perfect form of purification and nourishment.


  1. Dermalogica Facial

Custom made to suit the specific needs of your skin, a dermalogica facial is known to produce unmatched results. It is performed using premium quality products, administered by a highly trained expert. The facial involves the use of an innovative, dermalogica patented Face Mapping Technique, to identify concerns specific to your skin and customize the procedure accordingly.


  1. Stem cell facial

Ranked among the most premium facials in the world, the stem cell facial is a plush experience in itself. It uses products containing stem cells derived from sheep placenta, offered by Stem Cell Beauty Innovations. Stem cells have the magical ability to repair damaged tissue and cells and rejuvenate them, giving you healthy, beautiful skin.


  1. Pumpkin peel facial

The Pumpkin peel facial by AAYNA takes the extensive benefits of pumpkin and extends it to skincare. It uses the goodness of pumpkin extracts as natural exfoliants to fight against acne and pigmentation, leaving your skin feeling revitalized and re-energized. Pumpkin is rich in salicylic acid and Vitamin A, which are very effective in fastening cell regeneration and removing dead skin.


  1. Hydrafacial

One of AAYNA’s most popular treatments, the Hydrafacial is celebrated for its ability to regulate the skin cycle like no other. Your skin is exposed to a myriad of environmental stressors because of which dead skin builds up and makes your skin look dull and lifeless. The Hydrafacial coupled with customized facial rejuvenation works wonders for pigmentation concerns, sensitive skin and acne.


Your skin deserves all the pampering it can get. Choose from any of the above-mentioned treatments offered by AAYNA, to revitalize, re-energize and rejuvenate your skin, giving it new life.


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