Face Scrubs – Why Your Skin Needs One?

 Face Scrub

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More and more people today are becoming aware of how important looking after your complexion is. Pollution, UV rays and other damaging factors tend to leave a mark pretty early on, which is why we need to do all that we can to prevent that. And when we’ve got so many products available, there’s no excuse for skipping on it.

All in all, skincare is extremely important if you want your looks to stand the test of time. And a big part of that lies in regularly exfoliating the epidermis, both on the body and the face. In the case of the latter, there are plenty more benefits. For this reason, here are a few things you need to know regarding this particular subject.

About Face Scrubs

In a nutshell, face scrubs are a type of beauty product that consists of a lotion or gel-like base with an abrasive element sprinkled within it. More modern, over the counter options include synthetic substances that break down dirt instead of rubbing it away like classic formulas tend to do. But there is more to the discussion than just that.

Although they might not sound like it at first, scrubs are quite the controversial product nowadays. In December 2015, former POTUS Barack Obama signed a bill that banned the usage of exfoliant microbeads in products such as facial cleansers, shower gels and so on. As it turns out, these seemingly insignificant elements polluted our planet’s waters tremendously.

In fact, 8 trillion of them entered waterways daily, which is the equivalent of about 300 tennis courts in size. Due to them, plastic pollution increased, and aquatic life was severely threatened, which is why the world was in dire need of change. Still, our complexions will always need a good scrub to be an integral part of our daily routine.

Fortunately, there are plenty of green options on the market to fit all budgets and needs. And, in addition, there is also the option of making your own at home, which provides an even more sustainable solution. If you’re after some recipe ideas, this resource on face scrubs for glowing skin will help you.


The Benefits

Both women and men can benefit from adding a proper face scrub in their care regimen. If you choose one that is right for your skin type, positive results are bound to become visible in no time at all. Thus, here are three reasons why you need to add a good scrub to your beauty routine right now.

Cleaner Complexion

Not even the best toners and cleansers in the world can deal with the dirt and impurities trapped inside your pores sometimes. For this reason, you need to exfoliate twice to three times per week so that your skin stays clean and clear. Just remember that doing it more often than that leads to irritation.

Consequently, your skin will also be clearer because blemishes won’t have a basis to form on. We all know how difficult dealing with blackheads and pimples can be, which is why preventing them is a lot better. Instead of picking your zits and ending up with a worse situation than before, make a mental note to scrub your skin and you’ll be just fine.

Bye-Bye Flakes

Contrary to popular belief, exfoliating is actually part and parcel of any reliable dry skin beauty routine. The crusty-looking flakes that tend to form on the surface of the epidermis actually prevent moisture from being fully absorbed, which is why applying a mild scrub twice a week before your usual regimen will lead to better results in the long run.

Furthermore, tiny bumps and pimples can form underneath all those peels because oil gets trapped in there easily. Whoever said that dry-skinned people don’t get blemishes couldn’t be farther from the truth. Thankfully, the solution is relatively easy to integrate into your daily skincare routine, and if you also moisturize afterward you’re all set.

Acne Prevention

Because scrubbing helps clean the skin better, it is also effective in preventing acne, and it diminishes the aspect of scarring too. However, you need to be wary of the fact that using overly harsh products worsens the condition. Therefore, a mild scrub is the best option for your situation, as opposed to something more abrasive.

To sum it up, when your skin is sensitive and acne-prone, microdermabrasion is out of the question and physical exfoliants are no-go. What you need to look for is a chemical exfoliant that loosens the bonds between all the dead skin cells and other grime on your skin and removes them gently.

Final Thoughts

By cleaning your complexion and removing flakes and dead skin cells, a gentle exfoliant can protect you against breakouts, acne and other infections that might occur. And when you add in the fact that it leaves the entire area glowing and smooth, there’s simply no reason to avoid integrating this step into your weekly beauty routine.

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