Revolutionary Subscription Box – Period Box from Everteen !!

You must have subscribed to subscription boxes especially beauty boxes at some point in life to have various quality products delivered to your doorstep, without the hassle of going out or choosing products one by one. They are economical too.

Now, we have a completely useful and revolutionary subscription box that every woman needs every month. There is no choice, it is an absolute must have –  A PERIOD BOX.

Yes. An exceptional idea it is – A Monthly Period Box. Thanks to Everteen for coming up with such an amazing idea. Finally, the taboo is going away and women can enjoy their periods in more enjoyable way.

Vision of Everteen brand – Everteen Period Box

Everteen is one of the topmost brands in feminine hygiene enjoying largest portfolio of feminine hygiene products. Everteen Period Box is a subscription based initiative by Everteen so as to free women from back of mind worries related to buying and stocking of sanitary essentials.

Provisioning of sanitary essentials is a problematic activity for most women and this woman can be a busy homemaker, an office goer, a student, a self-employed entrepreneur and much more. Whether it is about finding time from one’s busy schedule to take care of the nagging worry of stocking the sanitary essentials or the discomfort of buying very intimate items from a store manned by stranger, Everteen Period Box solves all these issues.

Have a look at a full Period Box –

everteen period box

So, it has everything you need for entire month – Sanitary Pads, tampons, menstrual cup, intimate wash and many more items. But the best thing about this Period Box is that you can customize it as per your needs. Say, for 1st time, you can have full box but for next month, you can skip out Menstrual cup (as it lasts for almost 10 years) and intimate wash, hair remover cream etc. as per your stock. But one thing is ensured, you won’t be needing to rush to chemists at last moment. You will have supply delivered at your doorstep every month.

Everteen allows you to choose from following subscription method –

  • Quarterly subscription
  • Half yearly subscription
  • Yearly subscription

A good cause, I feel. So, you just need to choose products as given on the brand website and when you go to next page with selected products and choose duration of subscription plan, discounts are applied.

Lets see the products in detail –

1. Everteen Applicator Tampons –

Tampons come in 4 sizes – Lite, Regular, Super, SuperPlus. The size selection depends on the flow and the day, say SuperPlus for initial days, coming down to Lite in end days. It totally depends on need.

2. Everteen Creme Hair Remover Bikini Line

It is specially designed for sensitive skin areas like bikini line and underarms. It is formulated with 100% natural chamomile extract. With “ No Harsh Smell” formula of Everteen, the bikini line gets soft & gentle cleaning with no itching and no irritation. It effectively removes hair without any skin burning and provides soft & smoother bikini line.

3. Everteen Daily Panty Liner – 100% Cotton Top

These are better than most brands’ out there in market. Their size is better and absorption quality is good. These Panty Liners provide everyday freshness with ultrathin and cotton top surface. These are specially designed to be worn comfortably everyday and are perfect for everyday protection from vaginal discharge, urine leakage or unexpected period. Everteen Daily Panty Liners absorb wetness instantly and help you maintain your inner-wear, panty clean and stain free.

4. Everteen Essentials Sanitary Napkin Pads –

Come in 3 sizes – Small, Large, Xtra Large.

The super absorbent surface gives an instant dry and soft feel. The breathable bottom layer allows air to circulate, eliminates moisture & heat. Sterilised air laid paper to guide menstrual fluid to super-absorbent polymer center. It has both side protection to prevent leakage and provide extra protection.

5. Everteen Premium Cotton Top Sanitary Napkin Pads

Come in 3 sizes – Small, Large, Xtra Large.

These are best pads I have ever used. The top cotton cover prevents rashes totally while absorbing all the fluid, which I have never seen in any other pad.

The anion strip in everteen cotton sanitary napkin pad inhibits the bacterial growth and eliminates vaginal odor. It prevents the multiplication of harmful bacteria which can cause vaginal infection or disturbs the vaginal pH balance.  Antibacterial anion strip helps prevent bacterial multiplication, eliminate odour and relieve from menstrual discomfort. It has sterilised air laid paper to guide menstrual fluid to super-absorbent polymer center. It has both side protection to prevent leakage and provide extra protection.

6. Everteen Natural Intimate Wash

This wash is made up of 100% natural active ingredients. It prevents bacterial growth, unpleasant odour, vaginal itching, irritation and discomfort and helps in maintaining feminine hygiene.

7. Everteen Natural Intimate Hygiene Wipes

Everteen natural intimate hygiene wipes are perfect to use after using public toilet or after and before intercourse. these wipes are perfect when you are on the move. Everteen natural intimate hygiene wipes provides you relief from intimate discomfort while helping you feel fresh & clean with its mild cleansing properties.

8. Everteen Menstrual Cup –

This comes in 2 sizes – Large and Small. Everteen Menstrual Cup provides comfortable period experience with 12 hours protection against menstrual fluid. Everteen Menstrual Cup is made of medical grade silicon and is soft, easy and 100% safe to use. Everteen Menstrual Cup gives you freedom to perform all your activity Yoga, Dance, Swim and others. You get less of pain while using cup, no odour, no irritation. Just that you need to get used to it.

Did you ever think, that for periods too, we can have so many products!! Thanks to Akshay Kumar and Padman, everything is more open now. so, don’t wait, go to the website of Everteen and customize your subscription box and order it. You can also gift it to your friends or sisters. They will adore you.

There should be no looking back. Go!!

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