Picks and Drops for a Brighter Looking Smile

Pearly white teeth are everyone’s in-trend fashion requisite. Anytime, all the time! But the coffee lover in you and the sweet tooth you have might not really help you maintain those pearls shine as much as you want them to. You feel that, right? Dental treatments and home remedies may take a while to bring back that whiter smile. But what if the party’s tonight, or the dinner date on the upcoming weekend?

These questions might give you nightmares. But ladies, brace yourself up and get ready for a fashion cheat-trick that works perfectly fine with a bunch of RIGHT picks and drops of a few lip shades. Yes! You heard it correct. Jotting down the ‘Picks’ which helps your teeth look a little brighter when you apply them along with the ‘Drops’ which you should probably avoid to amp a white smile.


Pretty Picks 

Following are the pretty picks of the cheat-trick list that will help you smile a little brighter and whiter every time you dab ‘em on your lips.


Classic Red 

The one which is not hidden, right? Everyone must’ve already known about this color. The classic red color never disappoints us on any occasion. One more reason added to love it a little more is, the RED will make your teeth look a little whiter with the dark and statement hue it has. Try out the Milano Red Lipstick for experiencing a never-before red shade.

red lipstick

Blushy Berries 

The out of the box Berries will brighten up your smile with the darker shades it vouches. The contrast will evenly balance the smile, lips and teeth for a seamless go-to lip color.

red lipstick


Naughty Nudes 

Nudes? Yes, Nudes! Don’t shock your senses after reading this just because the Nudes have subtle hues. Haven’t you seen ‘em on Kylie Jenner’s lips and simply loved ‘em or if we take the Bollywood diva Sonam Kapoor, carrying them with a lovely smile?

Yes, the most in-trend lip-fashion is amping some Nudes. The twist in picking nude shades for a whiter smile is, to pull the glossy ones, leaving the mattes behind. Deborah Milano Lasting Absolute Lasting Liquid Lipsticks might work out best for glossy nude shades.



Pinky Hues The baby color Pink can make your lips highlight a bit more so that the dirty fellows (Teeth) will hide behind it. Remember to choose the pastels which are cool-toned. Matt will be a perfect choice when pink is your pick.


Dead Drops 

The lip-shades which are a big No-No for whiter teeth look has a shorter list. But they’re a definite avoid when you want your shimmery whites to shine a bit more than usual.



The old 90’s trend might have taken over the fashion industry, but when it comes to making your teeth look whiter, the first shade to avoid is that coffee brown.


Neon Reds/Pinks 

The neon effect looks good in clothes we can’t deny, but when it comes to face, the yellow guys will poke out more when the lips are covered with neon shades. Be it pink or red; the bright ones will never help you hide those teeth.



The all-time favorite Burgundy shade lips are sure to steal the show when your teeth are sparkly white. But if you’re trying the cheat-trick of faking whiter teeth look when there aren’t any, you should be avoiding the burgundy.


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Image Source: Shoppers Stop & Pinterest

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