One of my Most Favourite Trips – Andamans – Part 2


Even if you love your job or profession and are happy in personal life, there comes a time when you feel saturated and just want to go away to a calm place, away from all the hustle and bustle of busy life.  At least I do. Then be it with my family or alone. Well I love to travel with my family more than anything. And I want that every month or so 😉

I am that soul who is bitten by travel bug. Travelling to calm places, landscapes, beaches, mountains, it all gives me life. I love to sit and breathe nature for hours. One of my memorable holiday with my lovely family was to Andamans. It was long back but I couldn’t share the details. A great trip to Andamans covering all important places in Port Blair and Havelock Island.

The beaches of Havelock are the best and cleanest I have ever visited. The famous Radha Nagar beach is so breathtakingly beautiful that you can just spend hours and hours there. We spent some memorable time there, bathed for hours and make sand castles :). Thankfully, it was at a walkable distance from our resort.

The amazing pictures you will see below are all of Chidiyatapu. Chidiyatapu is famous for sunset view and bird watching. We chose the right time of sunset to visit this spectacular place. It is pure nature, not so commercialized place. Lots of places to sit around and rest and soak in the beauty. But no dipping or venturing out in water as it is believed to have presence of crocodiles!! You can relax and just stroll there but you can’t enjoy the waters there. Also, you can take beautiful photographs there.

Chidiyatapu is just 1 hr drive from main city, Port Blair and the drive is also amazing, covering forests and hilly areas. I will soon come with review of TSG blue resort where we stayed in Havelock and also, I am soon going to review an amazing hotel in Jaipur, where I stayed on my recent trip ( a makeup booking). Soon!!

Lets have some beautiful pictures of Chidiyatapu, of course with me in every pic 😉 🙂


The lovely wooden benches!!


You need to check out my pendant ;). I have changed so much in these 4-5 years. Yes, these pics are that old!!


Notice that lovely hut, there are plenty of them to sit and rest and watch nature.


the best, though beautiful, not for swimming, due to presence of crocodiles!!


I don’t leave a spot without being clicked 🙂


my nail paint……. those were the days 🙂


Yes, enjoying on a beach in true sense!!


I haven’t shared much of the landscapes here. Landscapes are everywhere, tons you can find on net. This post is for Andamans and me :), 5 years back. I love my comfy shorts. I am a sucker for women shorts, be it denim or cotton or other fabrics. Those who follow us and my other website – Ritcha Rao, may be knowing how much I have changed in all these years. Not only by age or looks but life hasn’t been too forgiving for me for these years. Nothing to regret. I have come out as a more experienced, God loving and brave person. Thanks but no thanks to all those leeches who I have left behind now :). I am a better person, doing what I love, making people beautiful, making them feel happy about themselves.

I am in a happy zone now 🙂

Stay happy and blessed.

Love to all

Ritcha 🙂


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