Reasons why Cycling is the Ultimate Urban Lifestyle Upgrade

Tired of the stress from the monotonous daily routine? Are the rising transportation costs and traffic jams turning city life into a nightmare? There just might be a way out of this. All one needs for this is the will to be slightly adventurous and a trusty old bicycle. By booking a cycle online, one can save time, money and improve his or her health considerably. Here is why cycling is the lifestyle upgrade that everyone needs.


Negotiate the Indian Gridlocks with a Cycle

The infamous traffic jams of the Indian cities bring life to a standstill. Regardless of whether commuters use public transport or drive their own vehicles, there is no escaping this horrid daily experience during rush hours. Many start off early from home and during the return journey end up reaching home late and exhausted. Here is where cycling comes to the rescue. A cycle is the one mode of transport that can negotiate the traffic jam. Riders can lift their cycles and move to a different route. Cyclists can explore shortcuts through lanes where a motorbike or car will have difficulty entering. With a cycle, commuters can save time and spend it on better things than going through the stress and noise of a traffic jam.


A Cost-Effective Transport Solution

Everyone is talking about fuel prices nowadays and nobody is happy about it. It has increased spending for car and motorbike owners, snapping into their budget and creating compromises in other things. A cycle is extremely cheap to rent. It needs no fuel. With a cycle replacing regular transport for commute even twice or thrice a week, one can save thousands of rupees in a few months. That is equivalent to the price of a nice weekend vacation!


The Many Health Benefits

Health is a real concern. The lifestyles of office-goers are causing the rates of heart disease and obesity to rise up. People are suffering from depression and other physiological conditions because of a lack of exercise. The hectic schedules and high costs also make a quality gym membership difficult to squeeze in. A cycle is an amazing way to exercise. It does not intrude into the regular routine –one is burning calories while commuting to work hence completing two important tasks at one shot.

One of the benefits of regular cycling is good cardiovascular health. The heart becomes stronger and blood circulation is regulated well. This reduces the probabilities of many diseases. Cycling also improves core strength. It is a very safe action – the joints of the knees do not go through as much stress as jogging on a treadmill will do. Cycling, just like other exercises, increases the production of dopamine and adrenaline which helps a person psychologically too. One will have an extra spring in his or her step at work and at home.


Advantages of a Cycle Rental

One can easily rent a bicycle online nowadays. There is no need to buy one to enjoy pedaling around town. Pedl is the top choice amongst cycling enthusiasts. One just needs to find the nearest bike station and unlock the cycle using a popular wallet app. Renting is recommended for those who are new to cycling to work. Renting a cycle also takes away the headache of storing it. With rates as low as rupees three for a half-hour session, renting a cycle makes perfect financial sense too.


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