Types Of Gold Ring Designs For Women Without Stones


Gold is an incomparable asset and its worth is matchless since it is one of the most valuable metals on earth. Gold rings are dexterously crafted in a variety of different designs and have an aesthetic appeal. The gold rings which are crafted without stones are evenly beautiful. Let’s have a look at different gold ring designs for women without stones.




  1. Simple Designed Gold Rings without Stones

These gold rings are just simple and ravishing. Although these gold rings without stones have a simple design they appear quite beautiful when worn. Subtle and simple, these rings are indeed perfect for daily use. The absence of ornamentation makes this ring specifically noteworthy.

  1. Traditional Gold Rings without Stones

These kinds of gold rings revive ages old traditions and promote cultural values. These traditional rings are void of any stones and crafted with pure gold which makes the overall shape of the ring look fascinating. It is perfect to wear this ring to special occasions like parties, weddings and so on.

3. 14K Gold Braided Pattern Ring without Stones

Made up of pure 14K gold, this gold ring without stones is exquisite and appears quite delicate. This gold ring is a perfect option to gift it to someone you love. The braided pattern of this ring gives it a contemporary appearance.

  1. Puzzle Style Gold Rings without Stones

These kinds of rings are in a class of their own because of their unique appearance. The craftsmanship behind this ring is just excellent and it gives a pleasing look to the women. These puzzle style gold rings without stones can be worn on a daily basis as a fashion statement.

  1. White Gold Ring without Stones

This is an elegant and classy ring without any stones. It is neither more nor less since it appears perfectly balanced and simple and lends a charming look to the women. It can be worn every day to work and on several occasions.

  1. Broad Gold Rings without Stones

Broad gold rings are gaining more and more recognition these days since they lend a very stylish and trendy look to women. Small yoked circles in the ring give it a totally different appearance and nearly cover half of the finger. It looks fantastic without having any stones in it which makes this ring an example of outstanding craftsmanship. Moreover, it’s suitable for everyday use and fits in with almost all occasions.

Gold rings and 10 gram gold bangles without stones look as appealing and attractive as gold rings with stones. The look offered by these rings is contemporary as well as customary which makes it extremely unique. The best thing about these rings is that they are perfectly ideal for daily use and can be worn on any type of occasion. This list of different designs of gold rings for women without stones will help you get an idea.

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