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38 degrees of Tongling, in the scorching sun, we enjoy the cool air conditioning blowing, there is a group of people because the occupation reason, have to continue to work under the sun, forehead dripping sweat, is to stick to their persistent, urban management, traffic police, sanitation workers, construction workers, express little brother sweat back under high temperature... You see, the love? They are always hidden in the city after being ignored, ignored. They braved the heat to work hard at the scorching sun unabated enthusiasm.

With their sweat, facilitate the people's lives, with their sweat, wash away the dust of the city, because of the need to stick to their posts, and sometimes even cannot be thirsty to drink a cup of cold water, nor in the scorching heat a break. Summer, a cup of water sitting in the office of the public, is not worth mentioning, but for high temperature heat under high temperature operation for outdoor workers, drink a cup of water in the middle of a busy day seems so extravagant. In July 25th, the Tongling Communist Youth League, Tongling daily jointly launched the "please drink a glass of water" charity activities, I immediately set up in response to the call of love booth "love rest station" in our company gate, provide a cool summer for people working in the sun.

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