Warmly celebrate the copper fluid was named 2015 top ten brands of smart valve Chinese"Publisher:Tongdu FlowViews:

2015 China smart valve ten brands, the selection of the event lasted more than 2 months, on July, the curtain of sunset in 20. Anhui Tongdu fluid Polytron Technologies Inc to deliver the goods, high reputation, excellent product quality, good corporate reputation advantage, the final performance in third place, won the "2015 Chinese smart valve ten brand" title.
Copper fluid to the "integrity, thick, tight and innovative" spirit of enterprise philosophy, more than and 20 years has been focused on research and development, fluid control technology and environmental protection hydraulic equipment production and sales, the market throughout the China, various regions, and exported to Europe, North and South America, the middle East and Southeast asia. The perfect quality assurance system and perfect customer service service system by the customers, it can deliver the goods successfully boarded the "2015 China smart valve ten brand" is the community recognition of copper fluid of the company brand, but also a driving force to inspire all copper fluid toward a higher goal!

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