Tongdu fluid warmly congratulates China on the successful launch of its first large diameter shield machine exported overseasPublisher:Tongdu FlowViews:

At 8:08 am local time on January 23, 2019, China's first overseas large diameter shield tunnel project under the kanapuri river in Bangladesh was successfully launched.

At the test run ceremony of the shield machine held by the project, counsellor Li Guangjun from the economic adviser department of the Chinese embassy in Bangladesh attended the ceremony and delivered an important speech. The construction of the tunnel under the kanapuri river will not only improve the transport situation in Bangladesh, but also enhance the construction of the bcim economic corridor and connectivity in the region. The project is designed as a two-way four-lane road with a total length of 9,265.971 meters and a total length of 3.5 kilometers of tunnel under the river. The length of the tunnel is 2,450 meters, the maximum depth of the tunnel is 31 meters, and the designed water and soil pressure is up to 0.59 mpa. This project is given priority to with silty sand geological, easily happened sand liquefaction, knife the intertwining of mud cake, the cutting face collapse, mud plugging construction barriers, such as project used in days and produce Ф 12.12 m air cushion type slurry balance shield construction. The shield tunneling machine is 94 meters long and weighs more than 2,200 tons.

The core equipment of the shield machine "connector assembly" and the core mud valve localization project are developed and manufactured by Tongdu fluid.

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