Big country heavy weapon! The device developed by Tongdu fluid was successfully applied to China's large diameter shield tunneling machine "Zhenxing"Publisher:Tongdu FlowViews:

On June 21, China's first 15.03 meters large diameter shield tunneling machine "Zhenxing", designed and manufactured with independent technology and a number of domestic core components, was successfully rolled off the production line by Jiangsu Changshu Zhongjiao Tianhe machinery equipment manufacturing co., LTD.

"Zhenxing" will be used in Nanjing Heyan road crossing project, and foreign brand shield machine "on the same stage." It is understood that the water pressure of the river-crossing passage of heyan road is up to 0.79 mpa and the geological structure is complex. The project consists of two parallel lines, one 2,976 meters long and undertaken by the zhenxing. The other 2965 meters long, by the foreign famous brand shield machine.

The domestic core component of the shield tunneling machine is the atmospheric pressure cutter changing device developed by tongdu fluid. In the past, the domestic shield tunneling machine adopts the pressure tool changing device, the tool changing period is long and the risk is big. Tongdu fluid researchers overcame many difficulties and conducted more than 1,400 tests to finally overcome this technical problem. After the device is used, the cycle will be reduced from 15 days to a few hours, and the cost will be cut by two-thirds.

Tongdu fluid autonomous products "connector assembly" and "atmospheric pressure tool changing device" have been successfully applied in the shield machine, which is nearly one tenth of the total value of the shield machine, filling the gap in China and breaking the foreign technical blockade at one stroke. The company's major equipment manufacturing research and development and manufacturing capacity and a big step forward!

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