BB Creams – Hottest Craze Today

We all love flaws free skin and do whatever it takes to maintain that glow.
Basically a BB cream is a blemish balm or beauty balm. It is like a tinted moisturizer that not only hydrates and evens out the skin tone but also treats the skin with antioxidants and anti-aging properties plus provides broad spectrum SPF benefits too. ALL IN ONE. Does that sound too good !!
What became BB cream was originally formulated in the 1960s in Germany by dermatologist Dr. Christine Schrammek to protect her patients’ skin after surgery. Introduced to South Korea and Japan in 1985 – where healthy-looking, porcelain skin is heavily prized – the cream was hailed as “the secret of Korean actresses,” and was heavily endorsed by Korean celebrities.
Multitasker  BB Cream
The cream is promoted as a multi-tasker, all-in-one treatment, works as an alternative to foundation too. It doesn’t provide a very heavy coverage. It is intended to both cover and treat blemishes such as acne, sun spots and age spots and also , it provides anti-wrinkle, anti-inflammatory and soothing effects.  Some like Estee Lauder BB Cream contain hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C.
BB creams don’t come in multiple shades to match all skin tones. But instead, these are designed to oxidize to match user’s skin tone. BB creams also said to have skin whitening properties, an instant puller in Asian markets, hence the popularity.
Many BB creams are available in the market today from esteemed companies. Here are some of them at a glance :
  • Age Defense BB Cream, Clinique, 1,900 INR
  • All-In-One BB Cream, The Body Shop, 1395 INR
  • Extra Intensive BB Creme, Estee Lauder, 2,580 INR
  • BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfector, Garnier, 199 INR
  • Camera Ready, Smashbox, 2,145 INR (Approx)
  • Clear Glow, Maybelline, 199 INR
  • BB Creme, Diorsnow, 3,223 INR (Approx)
  • BB Cream, Vedic Line, 250 INR
It sounds like an all-around miracle cream, right? I can’t wait to get my hands on some of these!
Coming up soon – CC creams , claimed to be better than BB creams 🙂.

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