A Memorable Trip : Delhi – Haridwar – Chamba – Tehri – Kanatal – Dhanaulti – Delhi

A big Hi to all.
I was missing from the scene for soooo longggggg. Holidays….Holidays….. Went on a beautiful trip to Uttarakhand with my family. It seems scary now that only 15 days back, we were at such a beautiful place and now all this is happening over there. It is so sad.
Coming to my holiday, we went for Delhi – Haridwar – Chamba – Tehri – Kanatal – Dhanaulti – Delhi. Awesome trip it was. Beautiful weather, chilly in nights, rains, all green. So much different from Delhi weather. I love greenery, hill stations and that sort of weather. All clouds near myself. Small huts. Small shops. Very less commercialization. Peace.
We stayed in Kanatal near in tents and loved them. So open, no restrictions. My kiddo also loved it there. They have limited water and food menu but are very courteous and make your stay memorable. Since we were 10, it felt safe in the tents. Don’t try tents if you are visiting in small bunch, say 2-3.
Some pictures of my memorable journey :

Chamba -myglossyaffair.blogspot.in

Chamba -myglossyaffair.blogspot.in
my hubby n son
Tehri -myglossyaffair.blogspot.in
Tehri -myglossyaffair.blogspot.in
Dhanaulti -myglossyaffair.blogspot.in
again me 🙂
 Waiting for next holiday 🙂

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