Ponytail with a Twist – Tutorial !!

A big hello to all my lovely and beautiful friends 🙂

I am here today with a very simple to do 2 mins quickie hairstyle. A ponytail hairstyle. It is so simple to do that you only require a rubberband for it and no bobby pins or sprays or anything to hold it.

This looks best on straight hair and is very easy. You can either keep it light for everyday look or you can accessorize it with some flower or anything of your personal choice for a more datey look 😉
Now here come the pics with a step by step tutorial –
Step – 1 : Make a tight ponytail.
Step – 2 : Immediately above the rubberband, create a section in the middle as shown.
Step – 3 : Now insert the full ponytail into that gap made in Step 2.
Finished look will come like this. You can either leave it as it is or you can add some flower to it. I love flowers and hence added one and it gives a neater look to the ponytail too 🙂
Some more pics 🙂
So, did you like this one ? Do try it out and share with me your views on this.
Waiting with love,
Charu 🙂

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  1. I love this, very simple and nice. Hopefully i would be able to do it with my hair when it fully grows.

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