Votre Texturiser – Cleansing + Peeling ( Clay Scrub For Oily Skin ) Review

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Today I am going to review a special product of mine – Votre Texturiser – Cleansing + Peeling Clay scrub for oily skin. I believe that the secret behind sudden fairness of most of our actresses is due to chemical peeling.  Actually, for long, I wanted to try some peeling process but due to one reason or other the process was getting delayed and my wish could not be fulfilled. Now with a two year old in tow and a full time job plus managing my home and my passion – this blog, I seriously can’t find any time for these time consuming parlour or clinic luxuries.  Recently I saw this Votre pack which is mentioned to be  texturising cleansing and peeling pack and decided to purchase it. Pepperfry.com had this product with five sachets of 5 gms each in one pack and it was at a good discount too with no shipping.  I immediately ordered it.

This texturiser plus peeling mask is simply superb. This one surely improves the texture of skin. This is a clay scrub meant for oily skin. This product gives instant results and that too long lasting. I have used this mask three times for my face and neck and the results are very visible and noticeable. May be it won’t work for all like this but I  am loving this product. The directions on this product say that apply this mask till semi dry and then gently massage it with wet fingers and then wash it.  When I follow this I feel like all the dead skin and the impurities have been completely wiped off my face and my skin becomes squeaky clean. It’s like renewal of skin and a complete clarifying process. Not that I would say that it makes me any fairer but whatever peeling it does, I find my skin so clean that it seems that I am a  shade fairer. I am currently in love with this Votre mask and will keep on using this for my face and neck. 

It is mentioned in the directions to empty the whole 5gm sachet and make the mixture with water. I did this for the first time but found out the the quantity is too much than required for covering my entire face and neck. Either you are applying it on back and hands too, then only you need the whole sachet. But now, I take out little product as per my requirement and seal the sachet back with a band. So for me, 5 sachet don’t mean 5 sessions with the mask 😉  

Votre Texturiser - Cleansing + Peeling ( Clay Scrub For Oily Skin )
Votre Texturiser - Cleansing + Peeling ( Clay Scrub For Oily Skin )
Votre Texturiser - Cleansing + Peeling ( Clay Scrub For Oily Skin )

Votre Texturiser - Cleansing + Peeling ( Clay Scrub For Oily Skin )
Votre Texturiser - Cleansing + Peeling ( Clay Scrub For Oily Skin )

Votre Texturiser 5X5 Gms is a powdered Peeling Scrub Ideal for Irritated And troubled skin. It Eliminates the Dead Skin From The Surface And Enhances the Process Of Keratinization. The Process Declogs the pores, Cleanses them and opens them. Sebum, Grime and other pore blocking substances are cleared from the skin. The moisture in the scrub carries the effective herb extracts of Trigonelia Foenum Graecum along with Azadirachta Indica to deep Dermal Layers through the Decloged Pores, The Requisite Work Is Then Performed By These Extracts Within The Skin.

Directions to use – 

Empty the entire amount and mix it with water and soak for 2 mins. Apply it over the area to be treated, leave it till semi-dry and then with wet hands, gently massage it over the skin to facilitate the removal of dull dead skin.

Votre Texturiser - Cleansing + Peeling ( Clay Scrub For Oily Skin )

Ingredients –

Votre Texturiser - Cleansing + Peeling ( Clay Scrub For Oily Skin )

 Price – 

Rs. 210 for 25gms ( 5 sachets of 5 gms each). I got it online at Rs. 142/-
Pros – 
  • Non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic, micro-biologically, dermatologically and clinically tested.
  • 100% botanical, recyclable, vegan, PETA certified, cruelty free.
  • It does what it claims.
  • It removes all impurities and dead skin and cleanses the face thoroughly. 
  • It leaves my face squeaky clean and I love the way my skin feels after using the product.
  • Doesn’t take much time to complete the whole process.
  • It tightens my skin.
  • It is suitable for oily skin, and being mud based, it absorbs all oil from my face but doesn’t dry it out.
  • Affordable.
  • No breakouts or irritation on my oily and acne prone skin.
  • Easily available online  

Cons – 
  • No complete ingredient list provided. 
  • My friends with acne prone skin have to test it out whether it would work for them or not.

Overall Verdict – 

I am completely satisfied with my purchase and would definitely repurchase it and recommend it too. No directions are there on the product packaging about how often it should be used but it can’t be used daily. I am using it max 1-2 times a week. This product is surely not meant for dry skin.
Rating – 

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