Face Serums are creating magic everywhere in the world these days. Let’s know what a face serum is and its benefits.

What is Face Serum
As compared to moisturizers, serums have very small molecules, that’s why they are easily aborted in the skin at a fast speed and show results soon. Face Serums have been created to repair the skin. That’s why, after a coat of serum, a coat of moisturizer is also applied on the face. In your night routine, put a good night cream after a coat of face serum and see the visible results in morning. Face serum has essential oils, Hyaluronic Acid and vitamin C. Apart from these, anti ageing agents like CLA (Conjugated  linoleic Acid), Retinol (Skin Exfoliator) and Real Element Gold (rejuvenates dry dull skin) are also present in the face serums. The face serums which are extracted from plants have good qualities of flowers. Olive oil, aloe vera and collagen from plants are also included.
How to apply Face Serum –
Clean your face first. Then take serum in your fingers and massage it gently on your face in outward strokes. For best results, mix serum with night cream and apply on your face. 
Benefits of Serum –
Serum penetrates the skin and improves the structure of the skin which provides more moisture to it. You can apply gel based serum as base before applying your make up. This will make you foundation appear more natural & even. Serum helps in production of collages and makes the skin softer & smoother. It also eradicates problems related to the eyes like dark circles and puffiness of eyes. Skin becomes a bit resistant to bad effects of pollution and becomes healthy and bright. Those ladies who don’t have time for routine skin care, can benefit by one-step face serums.