Arabian Eyes and Makeup Look – FOTD

Good Morning My Beauties!!
Valentine season…hmmmm… is in the air. All seem so prepared and in mood to celebrate Valentines day. Not that I believe that love and only Valentines Day are meant for each other. I feel and take everyday as Valentines Day….really telling you!! But, what makes this day special is that, as Valentines Day is so attached to love, you can take the day off, plan surprises and be with your love, your Valentine, the whole day. No excuses need to be made as it is so obvious. Of course, you can do this thing 50 times a year but on Valentine, no excuses ….you have to and should do something special for your love, your life J.
Thought of doing something different!! Planned an Arabian makeup look with Ritcha this time. Now, we all know, Arabian eye makeup is meant to be dark, sensual yet beautiful and sexy. So, in this look, I have emphasized most upon the eye make up, then the dressing and then the face.

Now the pics –

Arabian Eyes and Makeup Look - FOTD
Arabian Eyes and Makeup Look - FOTD

Arabian Eyes and Makeup Look - FOTD

Arabian Eyes and Makeup Look - FOTD
Arabian Eyes and Makeup Look - FOTD

Arabian Eyes and Makeup Look - FOTD

Arabian Eyes and Makeup Look - FOTD

With a different twist!!

Arabian Eyes and Makeup Look - FOTD
Arabian Eyes and Makeup Look - FOTD

Arabian Eyes and Makeup Look - FOTD
Lots of piccys…..wwhhhhoooooffffff.
For a single look, we usually click so many pictures, and if most of them turn out to be good, then we want all to be shared with my beautiful friends 😉
Seriously hope that you all liked the look and the pics.
Please share your suggestions and views on the look. Your comments and compliments boost up my energy and enthusiasm and I always feel motivated to do more J

I would sometime love to do a Selena Gomez look due to her simple yet pretty face and awesome hairstyles and on the contrary, Kim Kardashian, for her amazing eye makeup and heavily contoured face!!

Till then,
Lotsa Love,
Charu J

P.S. – My darling sis Ritcha is my model for this Arabic Look. Thanks a lot for all you do for me my gal 🙂

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  1. your sister is really gorgeous i love this but its a bit too much for me hehe 🙂
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  2. wow!! nailed the look totally! too good!

  3. Loved the look so muchh dear! Nicely done <3 xo

  4. Awesome make up ! Love how you gradient the shades… 😀

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  5. Ohhhh myy… !!!!
    The pics r damn damn awesum!!!!!!!!!
    Looks grt ♥♥♥♥♥ she s so pretty

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  7. Oh my gosh! This is so amazingly done Charu!!! so good so lovely!!!! 🙂

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  9. Awesome make up my dear, love it!


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  12. Impressive post love the images how beautiful great job. Have a awesome weekend doll.

  13. Not the everyday casual eye wear but certainly not bad for an evening out 🙂
    Great lot of photos


  14. Gorgeous make up Charu <3 Great work :))
    Your sister is a real beauty!!!!

  15. Wow this is truly beautiful!
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  16. You're makeup is so amazing and beautiful <3

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  18. wow very nice look 🙂

  19. Amazing pictures and amazing makeup.
    Have a nice weekend hun.


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  21. Wow, the makeup is done so beautifully, love the theme. Hope you have a wonderfully relaxing weekend!

  22. Amazing make up! Love this colors, great job! 🙂

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  24. That arabian make-up is very funky, I didn't expect that. I think it would work with a lot of modern cool outfits! Beautiful! Have a great weekend, Charu!

  25. OMG Charu you have done an amazing look honey <3 loved it totally Kisses <3

  26. Lovely make up! Your sister looks amazing 😉
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  27. Oh my my .. This is so beautifully done babe :* amazing!! Your sis is very beautiful!! Hats off to both of you

  28. So pretty, I just love it.

    Keep in touch,

  29. oh my my. The pictures took my breath away! Gorgeous makeup and super beautiful canvas 😉 Loved the way ur sister posed fr it.

  30. Love your makeup! You look great!
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  31. Super pretty look. Ur sis is looking gorgeous as ever!

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  35. I absolutely love arabian eye make up looks! <3



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  39. Wow, this eye makeup is beyond gorgeous!

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  47. OMG Ritcha you look so sexy and gorgeous in this look, you carried it off with so much ease and Charu hat's off to your eye makeup talent, though you don't share much eye makeup tutes but what you show us once in a month or so, it's like out of the world, just simply amazing. Loved the whole look!!

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  65. What a bold and exotic look! I love it!

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  67. lovely pictures 🙂

  68. Seriously, how do you do this? It's like a masterpiece every time you post here something, wish I had the slightest bit of your creativity and talent. Such amazing photos by the way, please share more, we'd love to see your pretty face! 🙂

  69. Oh this came out so well. So dramatic and striking. Love it. Perfect for Valentine's Day : )

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  101. lovely, lovely makeup. I am not so good at applying make up and I always adore such job like this. Your eyes are so pretty and sultry. Perfect for V-day.


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