A Very Very Happy B’day to the Loveliest Couple – Tej and Amar :)

A very very Good Morning to my lovely friends!!
So this post completes a trilogy of Birthdays. First Ritcha, then me and now, my adorable and most amazing sissy Tejinder and jiju, Amar ji.  Yes, the awesome loving couple share their birthdates also. Isn’t that great!!

Lots of hugs, kisses and love to you Tej.

birthday cake

Most of us know her and love her a lot. She is such a good girl and wonderful human being that you just can’t ignore her when you know her. Mom to a lovely and smart boy, Samar and wife to a great husband Amar, Tej knows how to make everything seem perfect. She excels in keeping everyone happy.

Wish you a very very Happy B'day Tej darling :)

What makes her more beautiful is that she is a Piscean (me too ;), so me beautiful too ;)) hehehe.

She has a heart of gold (with diamonds falling on her heart always set in gold, that is my wish …you listening jiju!! ;)).

Wish you a very very Happy B'day Tej darling :)

You have a big space in my heart Tej and I truly love and admire you as a sister as well as a friend. You have such a positive aura that everyone feels loved and best when talking to you and be with you J.

A true friend, a true soulmate, a loving sister, and a responsible mother – summarizing – a bestest woman and human being you are, a gem of a friend.
Love you for what you are and hope to make our relationship more intense with time J.
Wish you a very very Happy B'day Tej darling :)

Wish you a very very Happy B'day Tej darling :)

Wish you a very very Happy B’day darling Tej and Amar jiju J <3 <3
May you get the best of everything and all your wishes come true!!
With Loads and Loads of love and all the best wishes
Your sis,
Charu J

P.S. –
These pics have been taken from Tejinder with her permission to be used in this post for myglossyaffair.com.

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  1. How beautiful Charu… happy birthday to you sister 🙂

  2. What a lovely post! Your sister sounds amazing.

    Keisha xo

  3. Happy Birthday. I love the cake.

  4. Wish you both many many happy returns of the day with lots of love and good wishes!! Happy birthday di jiju 🙂
    Awesome pics..loved all 🙂 <3

  5. Such wonderful photos and a sweet and loving tribute. Well done and happy birthday to her 🙂

  6. I don't know about Pisceans but I love Teju anyways.. she has been my support from the time I met her.. I love her a lot and she is my closest and best friend.. words r not enough to describe her I truly wish the best for her always not only on her birthday… Happy Birthday to u and ur hubby sweetheart.. hv a wonderful bday both of u.. God Bless ♥♥♥

  7. Happy Birthday to her 🙂

    Check out my new post Here!!!

  8. what a lovely post, and happy belated birthday to her!

    M + K

  9. Awwww what a lovely couple! God Bless and keep safe <3

  10. lovely pics Charu. di is looking so cute in all pics. happy bday di n bhaiya!

  11. How sweet Charu… Happy birthday Teju.. 🙂 God bless!!!

  12. loved all the pics.. shes an angel & an adorable sweetheart <3

  13. Happy birthday di and I didn't know that it's jiju's b'day too, wish him too a very happy birthday, it's such a unique thing that couple shares their b'days and Teji di is an absolute sweetheart and a friend of all, she's good to everyone that's why she';s treated so special on her b'day by everyone, wonderful post Charu and thank God I was able to open your blog today 😉

  14. Happy Birthday to the blogging world's most favorite fashionista Tejinder 🙂 Great post Charu..That's so sweet of you 🙂 <3

  15. Gorgeous cake and amazing pictures. FYI the facebook pop up freezes your blog.

  16. I connected with Tej via blogging and I have to say that she's such a darling; pretty and stunning in looks and in character too. Happy birthday Tej.

  17. Wish you a very happy birthday Teji! Lot's of love to you.
    And Charu you complied the post really well! <3

  18. happy b-day!
    your blog is great! I followed you on gfc, g+ and bloglovin 🙂
    hope that you could visit our blog


  19. Nicely written and pretty touching post! 🙂
    God bless all! 🙂

  20. Aww so sweet of you Charu dear!!! Lovely post and love you both! 🙂
    happy birthday once again Tej! 🙂

  21. beautiful post charu and she looks amazing. happy burdae Tej <3 xoxo

  22. such a lovely post! I totally agree! Tej is one of the loveliest person I have come across so far! Not only she has a beautiful face, she has such a beautiful heart! 🙂 I didn't know you are piscean too! That makes two beautiful pisceans :)))

  23. OMG such a beautiful post which I loved most Charu <3 you are such a sweetheart to make a post like this for our sweet friend Teju dear muahh <3

  24. Such a loely post!!

  25. Love the Pictures ,all looks so wonderful 🙂
    Happy Birthday to everybody!


  26. Thank you all for lovely wishes n blessings <3<3.
    Love u all n hugs :*:*

  27. aww…thank you sooo much darling..It s a big surprise for me..I am sooo overwhelmed n cant express in words..I didnt know why u were taking my permissions for my pics…I thought u should do something related to traditional outfits or something…But this is beyond my imaginations….something touched my hrt…thank you thaank you thank you sooo much darling <3<3…I love you n ritcha a lot..u both r my sister now…n i am thankful to god i met soo lovely ppl in this blogging world…..thank you babaji for evrything…thank you charu n ritcha <3<3<3<3
    stay bless n hugs n kisses..:*:*:*

    thank you charu masi from samar <3

  28. Thank you all for soo much love :*:*
    Hugs n kisses :*:*

  29. Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog and for your follow! I follow you back now! Hope we keep in touch – Lots of lovely Love 🙂 Kyra

  30. I have tears in my eyes reading this beautiful comment from this beautiful girl. Thank you so much darling.
    Love you my betu @Samar. May God bless you with everything. Be good to your parents always. Love you a lot 🙂 <3 <3

  31. Thank you so much Jackie for letting me know that. I have removed that pop up 🙂

  32. Wat a beutiful n love filled post Charu.. Wish u a blated Haappyy bday too..
    Tej is truly a beautiful person inside out…. :-* :-*

  33. Beautiful words and pictures.
    Happy birthday!
    Thank you for following me on G+, I'm following you back and also on bloglovin.

    Have a wonderful week!
    Dusana 🙂


  34. awww this is such a sweet post!! Happy Bday dear Tej to you and to your hubby!! God bless you!

  35. I love Teju too, she is always smiling and makes everyone so happy. God bless her!

  36. What a beautiful and breathtaking cake! have never seen anything like that in my life! very impressive! <3 xoxo

  37. What a sweet post, Charu! Wishing Tej a very happy birthday and many more to come 🙂

  38. Amazing photos, happy birthday to your sister!!

  39. Nice pictures… 🙂 beautiful family 🙂

  40. beautyful photo :)fantastic familly <3
    maybe u can help me with my dresale whishlist ,i need 1 clik on my wishlist ,u help me a lot thank u if is not problem for u 🙂


  41. Thank you soo much dear :*:*

  42. Thank you dear ♡♡

  43. Thank you ritcho :*:*

  44. What a nice way to give a shout out to your sister and her family. Really sweet :). Wishing her and her family the best.


  45. Thank you soo much :):)

  46. Aww..thank you poo darling :*:*

  47. Aww..i love u too coral..u r such a sweethrt. ..hugs :*

  48. Thank you soo much Mayuri darling :*:*

  49. Thank you soo much samar ♡♡

  50. Aww..thankuu rads :*:*
    Kisses …muahh

  51. Aww..my sweetu…thankuuu …
    Hugs :*:*

  52. Thank you nieshu darling :*:*

  53. Aww..thank you darling :*:*
    Love u

  54. Aww..i love u Navneet. .
    U r such a darling …

  55. Aww..Thanks my love :*:*

  56. Aww…Thank you sweetu..
    Hugs :*

  57. Thank you meghu :*:*

  58. Thank you sweetie :):)

  59. Aww..my love my natu ram
    Thank you darling :*:*
    Hugs n kisses

  60. Aww..thank sweethrt..

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