Jaipur Through My Lens

So, its already over a week since we returned from Jaipur. And this post was still pending 🙂
It was a simple, short trip, only 2 days in which we got only 2-3 hrs of shopping time. Me, Ritcha and my kiddo, we started our market trip from the very famous Bapu Bazaar in Jaipur.
Jaipur Tradition
Jaipur Tradition

Jaipur Tradition

Jaipur Tradition
This is a very famous market where you can get anything traditional, lovely sarees, suits, dress materials, kurta pajamas, many items, clothes and toys for kids, lots of jewelry of a material called laak which I love and a great range of bed covers. No one can come out empty handed but you will get such great deals that you never even want to come empty!!
Jaipur Tradition
Jaipur Tradition
Now, I will give you a glimpse of my shopping. Some small items that I got –

multicoloured necklace
A beautiful multicoloured necklace that I bargained. I am loving it thoroughly!!
Jaipur ring

A gorgeous ring!!
emerald earrings
Emerald green earrings that will go well with traditional outfits.
jaipur shopping
white kurta pajama for kids
A pure white embroidered Kurta Pajama set for my son.
pearl flats

pearl flats
Pearly Flats. I adore these. I love the beauty and comfort that flats give and love them as daily office wear.
I have been there many times, since I got married , i.e., last four years, I have been to Jaipur at least 4-5 times as it is an easy weekend destination from Delhi and there is something for everybody to enjoy. If you are a history lover, then there are lots of historical monuments like Hawa Mahal, Amer Fort etc. and if you want to spend an evening full of Rajasthani tradition, then you can head to Chokhi – Dhani, which I personally prefer most. Chokhi dhani has everything you can remember of Rajasthani culture. You can easily spend 3-5 hours there. There are various games like shooting etc. which you can enjoy. Then come some shows like magic shows, snake shows, circus type small scale presentation by various artists etc. There is a potter, a mehendi wala who constantly applies henna on hands. Then you have many options in terms of swings too which kids can enjoy.

Have a glimpse of the beauty of Chokhi Dhani –

Chokhi Dhani

Chokhi Dhani

Chokhi Dhani

Chokhi Dhani

Chokhi Dhani
Now, coming to the most famous part of Chokhi dhani – THE FOOD. Lots of stalls of various food items, snacks, kulfis, ice creams etc. which you can enjoy. But, clock strikes 8 and there comes the announcement of food. The food is not only about dinner but it’s a glimpse of whole Rajasthan. Lines start forming in front of hall where dinner is being served. Seating arrangement is on the floor there in lines with proper matting and a clean traditional ambience. You feel so good once there. Now, they start serving you. Loads and loads of food variety. At least 5-6 varieties of vegetables, curd, buttermilk, 4-5 varieties of breads like bajra, maize, wheat etc., rice, pulao, khichdi, pickles, chutney and loads of desi ghee (butter) on everything which they pour on your food like water irrespective of how much you request them not to put ghee in your plate. They will!! Then comes the sweets time. Mithais J. Again, come 2-3 varieties of traditional Rajasthani sweets. By now, you don’t have space left in your stomach for any helping but then, you can not leave the helpful staff thinking that you didn’t like the lovely food. They will serve you and force you to eat anyways ;). The staff is so well behaved and trained that they are eveready  to take any special requests from you. They are ready to take pics of you anytime. They give specialrajasthani turbans to you to wear and get pics clicked in them. They keep talking to you and make you feel like a very special guest. And when I went earlier, when my son was not even 1 yr., they were eager to help me to take his care so that I can enjoy my meal peacefully. That was the best experience ever. So overloaded with work with a big hall full of people who are ready to eat food and you have to serve them everything and even then, you are ready to take care of a 5-6 month old infant!!

Chokhi Dhani

Chokhi Dhani
Chokhi Dhani
Finding out time from the little time we were given there, we, me and Ritcha, took some clicks of  her too in a traditional outfit. Here, Ritcha is wearing a black shirt with white embroidery over it accompanied with a Patiala salwar and a beautiful dupatta (stole) over it which has Pakistani special work/ embroidery.
Jaipur Tradition and Chokhi Dhani

Jaipur Tradition and Chokhi Dhani

Jaipur Tradition and Chokhi Dhani

Jaipur Tradition and Chokhi Dhani

Jaipur Tradition and Chokhi Dhani

Jaipur Tradition and Chokhi Dhani
This is all for today friends. Hope you enjoyed the post. Please share with me your love and views, on how you liked the post 🙂
Lotsa Love,
Charu 🙂

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    I wanted to let you know I will be taking a blog/media break for a while, I will miss our comments back and forth, I will catch up with you when I get back 🙂

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  63. Charu.. you post reminded of me recent visit to Jaipur.. Though I did not have that much for shopping yet I liked the place a lot…specially Amer fort !

  64. Charu.. you post reminded of me recent visit to Jaipur.. Though I did not have that much for shopping yet I liked the place a lot…specially Amer fort !

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