Nature’s Essence Gold Bleach Review

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Today, I thought of reviewing this wonder product called ‘Bleach’ which we all use for hiding those black facial hair. Bleach is meant for bleaching your hair to match your skin tone so that the hair doesn’t become too apparent. I usually go for waxing for side locks and facial hair but you can rely on wax for full face. Bleach comes to your resort then.

Nature’s Essence Gold Bleach Review

I love this Nature’s Essence gold bleach. It works best for me. I have tried and tested many bleaches be it some oxy bleach or fruit bleach but nothing better than this I have got till date. Since, bleaching is not considered to be very good or beneficial for skin, I don’t do it very soon. Only 2-3 times a year, I go for bleaching, be it my b’day, anniversary or wedding season here 😉

Nature’s Essence Gold Bleach Review
Nature’s Essence Gold Bleach Review

My Experience with Nature’s Gold Bleach –

Gold I see nowhere. Haan, their activator is light yellow in colour, if they mean to show it as gold!! But seeing the cost, that yellow can’t be considered as gold or having even a bit of gold…hehehe….right na J
But, coming to working of the bleach, it works and effectively too. It doesn’t give that much tears in your eyes like other bleach creams. Once I used some oxy bleach and it was very gently to skin and didn’t do any itching or burning but then, when I washed my face, the hair on my face were not bleached either. I would not say that it doesn’t burn but not that much that you will be all teary and runny. Its fully bearable and suits all skin types. It is suited to sensitive skin too. One of my cousin has sensitive skin and I can also use this gold bleach easily.

This bleach never gives me any rashes or redness or that burnt skin. I have faced that too. Some famous bleaches I used earlier gave me red skin like on cheeks that would go with time, in 2-4 hours but that feels bad. I have never experienced that thing with Nature’s Essence gold bleach and fully trust it. The after effects are also good. Hair are bleached completely and it leaves behind a beautiful glow on the face that lasts for full day for me. Also, it leaves my skin at least a tone fairer. In fact, when the party season arrives here, I don’t go for any facial treatments as they mostly result in breakouts for my oily skin. But, I simply do this bleach and be happy for one month J

Nature’s Essence Gold Bleach Review

Which areas can be bleached by this Gold Bleach –

This gold bleach effectively bleaches all, may it be on your face, neck, back or arms. The quantity of activator and the time for keeping the bleach on skin varies from body part to body part.

Like for face, simply follow the instruction on the pack. Mix two spatulas of cream with 2 pinch of activator, mix it well till whole activator dissolves in cream and apply on face and neck. Keep it on for 15-20 mins and wash off. No soap or soapy substance should be used to wash bleach off. In fact, for next 5-6 hours, you should not use soap on bleached area and avoid going out in sun too.

Nature’s Essence Gold Bleach Review

If you are bleaching hair on your arms or back, increase the quantity of activator, say 2 pinches and keep the bleach on skin for, say, 30 mins. Remove a small part and check whether the area is bleached or not. If you feel the need, let the bleach stay on skin for a few more minutes.

How to apply –

Mix two spatulas of the cream with two pinches of the activator powder and apply it on your cleansed face.  Leave it on for 15-20 minutes and wash off with cold water.

Nature’s Essence Gold Bleach Review

Ingredients –

Cream : Hydrogen Peroxide.
Activator : Golden dust, Ammonium Bicarbonate.

Packaging –

Cream – White in colour and thick in consistency.
Activator Powder – Light yellow in colour with strong smell.
Spatula – to take out and mix the product well.

Nature’s Essence Gold Bleach Review

What the product claims –

Lightens hair to match skin color, and makes skin fairer and glowing. Its mild formula gives more natural texture with no irritation to the skin.

Price –

Rs. 55/- for 43gms

Pros –
  • Works perfectly. Bleaches even the tiniest hair.
  • Doesn’t cause any rash or redness.
  • Brings gorgeous glow on your face.
  • Very inexpensive product.
  • No allergies or burning sensation.
  • Makes skin complexion one tone fairer.

Cons –
  • Bleach is something that is not very beneficial for skin. But it is not a fault for this gold bleach. This is a good one J.
  • Ohhh…that gold in this gold bleach. False marketing is definitely a con for me!!

Overall Rating –


I would recommend and repurchase this ever. I am using it for past 4 years (not much, only 3-4 times a year) and I am fully satisfied with the results. I would surely recommend it. Don’t overdo it but keep one for those days when you are unable to get your facial hair removed or waxing done. Bleach comes very handy on those days.

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