Inveda Under Eye Cream Review

Oh my goodness!!
Again a wonderful product from an amazing, all natural brand, Inveda. An under eye cream that works as intended. Read on to know more about it J

What Inveda says about this cream –
Effective blend of natural extracts reduces dark circles & puffiness by energizing the cells. It increases elasticity of skin around eyes while cooling agent in the cream keep skin relaxed.
Suitable for all skin types.

Inveda Under Eye Cream Review

Price –

Rs. 325/- for 50ml
Directions to use –

Using fingertips, gently massage a small quantity of the cream around eye area.

I am a fan of their beautiful packaging. Such a cute tub with browns, orange and golden embossing. I love, love love!!
Inveda Under Eye Cream Review
This cream comes in a plastic tub with a metallic cap embossed with beautiful golds, that makes it so attractive. It has a white lid in between cap and tub which takes care of any spilling. It is perfect and safe for travelling too.
Inveda Under Eye Cream Review
Texture and consistency –
It is slight thick in consistency and very rich. It is white in colour. With a bit of massaging well into the under eye area, it gets absorbed well into the skin with leaving any sticky or greasy feeling.
Inveda Under Eye Cream Review
My Experience with Inveda Under Eye Cream –
I have never been into anti ageing products or serums much. But as this year I have touched my thirties, I have now seriously started taking care of my skin. What I am using for my face, I will reveal after a month or two, as I am still trying and testing the product and quite liking the results but it will take me some more time to come to a conclusion.
Inveda Under Eye Cream Review
Now, face, not a problem anymore but what about under eye area!! I still wanted something moisturising for my under eye area and something reasonable too, not that 2k cream which I can use less and see more and even then, my heart would sink 😉
Then I came through this wonderful beauty, Inveda Under Eye Cream. Now the first thing I want to advise all of you. Do try out Inveda products gals. I have used only two of their products and the performance is quite exceptional for both of them!!
Inveda has come up with some wonderful products which perform so well, but in budget. I have earlier tried their BB cream reviewed here, and that is also very very good and a performer and now, this under eye cream leaves me so satisfied. Not that, I haven’t used anything for my eyes earlier, but the amount of calmness and moisturisation this cream is giving me, I am loving that. I am using this beauty since last 10-15 days and I can see visible results.
Inveda Under Eye Cream Review
I do not suffer from dark circles or fine line around my eye area but occasional puffiness due to less sleeping happens. And it takes care of that. And it certainly keeps my eye area well moisturised and hydrated. It suits my oily skin very well and hasn’t even tried to give me any breakouts. A very little quantity is required and a little pinch of cream takes care of whole under eye area.
When applied, it gives a cooling sensation that makes me so happy in this summery weather and makes the area very cool and calm. It is rich and creamy but suitable for oily skin and you have to massage it gently around your eye area for quite sometime to get it absorbed properly.
Now, this Inveda under eye cream is my favourite. Why? It does not have any harsh chemicals and it is fragrance free. Yes. No fruity, flowery fragrance to please our senses. It is fragrance free and that is how I like my products to be, especially for those sensitive areas.
Inveda Under Eye Cream Review
This cream has good properties of Ashwagandha and Gotukola. And it is paraben free.

Ingredients –

Inveda Under Eye Cream Review
Inveda Under Eye Cream Review

Inveda Under Eye Cream Review

Inveda Under Eye Cream Review

Pros –
  • A very good under eye cream.
  • Reduces puffiness.
  • Makes the under eye skin calm and relaxed with its cooling properties.
  • Improves the under eye texture.
  • Very moisturising for under eye area.
  • Suitable for oily skin too.
  • Works on darkness around eyes too.
  • Paraben free.
  • Fragrance free.
  • Contains ashwagandha and gotukola.
  • Inexpensive and easily available.
  • Not at all greasy or sticky but absorbs well into the skin after a bit of massaging.
  • A little product goes a longggg way.
  • 100% vegetarian and not tested on animals J.

Cons –
  • Its tub packaging. Though I am finding it convenient to use but the tub may bother some due to hygiene reasons.
  • You have to work on it a bit more to let it go into skin completely.

Overall Rating –
4.5 /5
I would surely recommend it and repurchase it as this is the best under eye cream I have used in such an affordable range that works well and has so many pros and positives to boast of. This cream’s naturalness and effectiveness makes me happy and contented as I use it. It makes me feel that I am not deceiving myself with some artificial product for using on my eye area. Do try it out guys and I am sure you will like it too  J.
Oh yes, I am gifting this one to my mom too, and then I will add notes to this review, on how it will perform for her!!

 *PR Sample but review is fully honest and non biased.

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