My Kryolan Makeup Tour and Mini Haul

Last week, when Delhi weather was being good to us as it had rained in the night, my hubby took me on a romantic day out!!  Yeahhhhh 😉
We spent some time alone after longggg. We went to Select City Walk, Saket and  enjoyed a lot, ate, did shopping and then, to make my day, he took me to Kryolan, Lajpat Nagar, which I longed for so long 🙂.
I went to Kryolan because I so urgently needed 1-2 things from them like a palette and a makeup fixer, which a dear friend, who is also a renowed makeup artist, recommended me. I got some of the pretty products from Dermacolor range of Kryolan. This is a camouflage cosmetics range that is used for hiding all flaws be it some scars or marks or anything!!

My Kryolan Makeup Tour and Mini Haul
 What a superb range of colours…one of everyone!!
The ravishing , Meghana, at Kryolan is so sweet and helpful. She knows everything and is always ready to help you out while choosing and selecting your products. I wanted to have Supracolor palette but she advised me not to go for it for my oily skin and that too in summers, as it is a little greasy. She showed me Dermacolor range that is perfect for my skin. I love her for guiding me properly and turning me to that great miracle range.

My Kryolan Makeup Tour and Mini Haul
My Kryolan Makeup Tour and Mini Haul

Now let me tell you some about the store. Its great with loads of lovely products on display and with lots of space!!. Not that little mini shoppe where you just keep on bumping into others in rows. The staff is super helpful but don’t force you into buying or liking any stuff you don’t want. They give you space to test and try!!

My Kryolan Makeup Tour and Mini Haul
What a pretty collection of lashes 😉


My Kryolan Makeup Tour and Mini Haul
Amazing colours – treat to the eyes <3
Now, the gorgeous Meghana, allows me to click herself and the smart guys follow suit, so here comes the piccy with me as POTD…ohhh…did you ask what’s that?…Photographer of the Day  😛

My Kryolan Makeup Tour and Mini Haul

Have a look at the lippies range too –

My Kryolan Makeup Tour and Mini Haul

Now, coming to my haul from Kryolan, I got a Dermacolor Camouflage palette, a Dermacolor makeup fixer powder, a Dermacolor Makeup Fixing Spray and a refill meant for contouring. Yeah….that’s it. Only the products that I wanted and that too very reasonable priced. Kryolan is among the best ones who manufacture professional makeup but the prices are less than ½. Let’s have the pic of my haul now 🙂.

My Kryolan Makeup Tour and Mini Haul

Reviews follow up soon!!

So, friends, how did you like the pics and my haul!! Do comment and share your views and give your love 🙂

My love for you all,

Charu 🙂

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  1. It feel like i'm going to buy new make up when I see this XD

  2. What a beautiful collection of makeup products! The wall full of lashes is amazing :O

  3. Charu, I would love some of the camouflage make up, to give me the smoother and more clear look… these all sound like great products 🙂

    Thank you so much for your really sweet comment, I always love reading your comments… have a lovely weekend 🙂

  4. Great place to go and enjoy the makeup.

  5. What a great place for makeup. Fab!


  6. Such a lovely haul sweetie <3 lovely post 🙂

  7. oh this is great *_* i wish i was as good as you at cosmetic things </3

  8. So curious with the Dermacolor line 😛


  9. I need to visit this place too, wish they open more stores!

  10. Nice haul dear. That must have been a treat.

  11. It all looks brilliant! Great photographs, POTD!
    Mr B needed some black nail varnish to touch up one of his props and went to Charles Fox, the theatrical make-up store in London. They stock Kryolan and the staff were really helpful there too. Nice to know their service is so good worldwide!
    How do you find the fixing spray? Do I need to get some for my kit????
    Z xx

  12. i would go crazy in there!!

  13. kryolan has amazing stuff!! availability is the only issue 🙁 wish they were available in Pune.. you picked up great stuff. nice clicks dear 🙂

  14. lovely haul dear…i didnt get here in uk….i really want to try
    waiting for ur review

    my recent one :

  15. Looks like a great haul dear 🙂 I am sure you had good time

  16. A romantic day out! So wonderful for you 🙂 Looks like an amazing place full of color 🙂


  17. Beautiful pictures
    Amazing selection of makeup
    I would be in Heaven with all thous beautiful colors.
    As always great post darling.

  18. wow such a lovely haul! I want it all!
    Pretty store! such huge collection they have! 🙂

  19. Wow you must have had sooooo much fun with that huge haul!!!


  20. Lovely clicks sweety <3 Waiting for ur reviews!

  21. Lovely clicks dear! waiting for ur reviews!

  22. Very nice pictures. I am thinking to try out Kryolan from long back.Now will wait for your reviews before giving this brand a try !

  23. Brilliant post, I liked it. these beautiful and I love your natural style


  24. Tempting products and waiting for the reviews to be out soon.

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    You're blog is so lovely (>w<)
    I follow you now!

  26. Hi dear, thank you for your lovely comment! Sure we can follow each other! I just started to follow you via bloglovin, gfc, g+, fb and twitter. Hope you'll do the same! Kisses 🙂 Lucy

  27. This is a lovely haul Charu…waiting for the reviews now…:-)

  28. waoooo drool worthy haul dear! I am yet to try Kryolan, next time I visit Lajpat nagar, I am going there!!

  29. anyway, I followed you on Bloglovin, facebook, GFC and google plus already! thanks for dropping by my blog. kisses

  30. that place contains a hell lot of make up! it's a good thing that the have wide selection <3

  31. Many thanks love, followed back! 🙂

  32. Thankyou so much doll 🙂

  33. So cool! Kryolan is the main makeup used on the U.S. reality series called Face Off on the SciFi channel. Its makeup artists competing to win money and they have to do crazy monster makeup and amazing creatures etc. Love that show.

  34. Those lashes look incredible!

  35. Nice haul! Look forward to reading the reading the reviews!

  36. Nice tour!! Kryolan has great products. I would love to visit one of their locations.
    I enjoyed reading this…thanks for sharing Charu.

    Keisha xo

  37. "Mini"? Haha! Love it!
    As usual phenomenal post! You are a champion!
    I can see that you love what you are doing!
    Thanks for posting! Love you :-*

    Katherine Unique

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  39. Great review sweetheart…Thx for sharing..:-)

  40. this is like a fairy land.. xoxoxoxo..

  41. Thankyou so much Lucy!! 🙂

  42. Stunning photos ! 🙂

  43. hey i followed you on google+, do follow back.
    im so in love with your blog! so informative

    thank you love for visiting my blog,

  44. Thanks doll..followed back! 🙂

  45. amazing post…I did a haul thr myself few weeks back… check out my post 🙂 nice blog Charu…

  46. amazing post…I did a haul thr myself a few weeks back…. check out my post
    lovely blog Charu 🙂

  47. How do you spread body camouflage evenly? It sets so fast.

    1. Hey dear. Just take a little amount on back of your hand. Skin warms it up a bit and then apply and blend it very fast with beauty blender. It sets as skin and gives flawless finish and then set it with Kryolan fixing powder and you are done 🙂

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