Oriflame Silk Satin Radiance Shimmering Spray On Body Lotion Review

Oh, I know it’s an old one dearies!! But nonetheless, I wanted to review it because I like it for the effect it has on my skin and I am not quite updated on that front but may be Oriflame has either this one still with them or some other similar one!!
So, a shimmery spray on body lotion…sounds good na J and that too with Silk Proteins and Vitamin C. Again good!!
Oriflame Silk Satin Radiance Shimmering Spray On Body Lotion Review
What Oriflame says –
Body lotion with silk proteins and Vitamin C and added shimmer for beautiful soft and glowing skin.
Oriflame Silk Satin Radiance Shimmering Spray On Body Lotion Review
Oriflame Silk Satin Radiance Shimmering Spray On Body Lotion Review
How to use –
Spray on all over body and massage in gently. Shake well before use.
What I like about the body lotion –
I got this body lotion at the time of my wedding as all the words – spray on – shimmer – body lotion – vitamin C – Silk – Satin – Radiance, all the words looked great to me at that time 😉
Oh yes, it works and it satisfies all its claims too. A spray on body lotion, now that I love. Perfect formula and consistency, neither runny, nor thick, easy to apply and spread and blend too. It gets absorbed into the skin instantly. A little quantity is required to cover whole arms, say 2-3 pumps and you are done. That’s why I have not finished even 1 bottle till now. I mostly use it for special occasions but it is perfect for both day time as well as night parties. The shimmer is too subtle and not OTT. It just imparts a nice healthy glow on the skin. 
Oriflame Silk Satin Radiance Shimmering Spray On Body Lotion Review
The body lotion comes in a plastic bottle and the lotion is light creamy yellow in colour. The formula is very light weight and very light on skin too yet perfect for all skin types. The lotion moisturizes the skin so well and that too in al weathers. You won’t feel that it can do but it does. It leaves the skin quite soft and supple, well moisturized and glowing.
The bottle is quite sturdy and travel friendly. It comes with a spray on top and a cap to cover it too. I have carried it many times while travelling and never has the cap or spray ditched me. The good thing is the spray also never fails like many spray bottles or pump dispensers, we have seen and faced. It works always.   
Oriflame Silk Satin Radiance Shimmering Spray On Body Lotion Review
 Now, we know Vitamin C is great for our skin and silk proteins too are good and it contains both. But, what I don’t like in this body lotion is its fragrance. Don’t know what it is but doesn’t entice me. Not that it is unbearable but not even tempting for me. But again, everyone’s senses react differently so I leave that upto you to decide for yourself J.
Oriflame Silk Satin Radiance Shimmering Spray On Body Lotion Review
Price –
Rs. 449/- for 150 ml (When I bought J)

Ingredients –

Oriflame Silk Satin Radiance Shimmering Spray On Body Lotion Review

Pros –
  • The different packaging with spray pump.
  • Travel friendly, no spilling ever.
  • Contains goodness of Vitamin C and silk proteins.
  • Good moisturization and a nice subtle glow.
  • Leaves skin shiny with little shimmer particles but they are not noticeable, just a mild glow!!
  • Very little quantity required.
  • Very light weight yet moisturizes well.
  • Suitable for all skin types.

Cons –
  • Fragrance may bother some.
  • Shimmer is very less, you won’t feel much difference.

Overall Rating –
I would recommend it for those who love their body lotions to be a little shimmery and glowy. It is perfect choice for night outs when you want to highlight your arms and legs a little bit. It makes a difference and quite suble, not OTT. Great finish!!

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