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Hope this post finds you in a wonderful  mood just like the weather here. πŸ˜‰ Today in these pictures I am flaunting Indian traditional wear – saree!!

Indian Traditional Wear has a supreme quality. It makes everybody look beautiful. If it is a saree, nothing could be better. This six yard fabric brings out the maximum charm of a woman. It looks elegant, most wonderful, hides your flaws and makes you look classy yet super sexy when draped properly. It is an old traditional Indian attire that has become very popular in recent times, thanks to bollywood.

I was approached by to have a look at their collection and oh boy, they have an amazing collection of suits, sarees, bridal wear, lehengas, kids apparel and men apparel too. You have to visit them. I selected this simple yet gorgeous red saree from their website which is a bollywood replica and has been worn by Kareena Kapoor once and she looked adorable and hottttt in that ;).

                      bollywood replica red saree

Now, coming to a red saree, red color is meant to be sensual, exciting, romantic and warm, oh, may be hot ;). In India, red color symbolizes purity and hence, is the most often used colour in festivities and weddings, be it dresses or flowers.

I decided to get it for me too but when I proceeded, the website displayed some great options. Yes. They can do ready to wear sarees, they can provide you stitched blouses and they can provide you petticoat also. So, a whole stitched ensemble can be acquired from one place. I went for prestitched ready to wear saree only. No petticoat or stitched blouse. But they mailed me some great blouse patterns to choose from if I wanted stitched blouse. It would help anybody who chooses customized blouse.

Red Saree outfit post
red saree

The customer care was regularly in touch with me about what I wanted, length, blouse etc and when they said that they have shipped my saree, I got it the next day. Super fast. Isn’t it. Oh, you have to give them sufficient time if you want them to customize everything for you like saree, blouse etc.

blouse designs

Now, my main problem is solved. The saree is ready to wear and is pre stitched. I have wear it like a skirt only ;). Yes, little bit of tucking in here and there in petticoat and buttoned up, pallu falling over shoulder and done J.

MAC Russian Red
This saree is pure red in colour as shown, is made of chiffon and has sequins border. Small stones are scattered here and there that make it look more beautiful. The blouse material is sort of raw silk with same sequins border but somehow, I was not getting time to get it stitched and so, raided my mum’s wardrobe to get a pure red blouse. And voila, I found one!! This means my mum has an amazing red saree with a wonderful blouse. Oh, I always knew she had it, she wore it on my wedding πŸ˜‰

trivenifashions saree

Can you notice small thread balls like hangings on the pallu’s loose end.

trivenifashions saree

So, how is it looking!!

MAC Russian Red is enhancing the whole look, no!! It always looks the best.

kareena red saree

Since, Ritcha can’t still go for eye makeups due to her recent c-lasik, she is sporting bare eyes these days ;). Oh, if you remember her EOTDs, and her natural eyelashes, a lot of them are gone L. An after effect of surgery. We are keeping our fingers crossed for them to be back and grow again.

celebrity replica red saree
Ohk, now she again gets in mood and I click some more πŸ˜‰

                             kareena kapoor saree

bollywood replica from
red saree

Seeing all the pics and knowing all the fabulous stuff about, I am sure you are gonna visit them. You all can!! They ship internationally too. Yeah. They charge super reasonably and have everything, from traditional to indo western stuff. Do check and find something gorgeous for you J.

Let me know if you need any help in selecting or choosing. I hope you liked the pics and Ritcha in red hot saree J.

Sizzling Red Saree

You can get this gorgeous Red Saree here –

Have a great day!!
Charu J

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  1. You look gorgeous! The red looks very fierce!

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  2. Ritcha looks sizzling hot! Gorgeous OOTD!

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  9. Charu, Ritcha looks so amazing in this red saree. I do hope Ritcha's eye gets better very soon.

    Thank you for your comments and support Charu β™‘β™‘β™‘

  10. You look stunning! Love your dress πŸ™‚

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    Following you on all possible channels:o)
    xoxo Kirsten

  14. I've actually been wanting to go to a traditional Indian wedding for the longest time! You look so stunning and glamorous – that red is the perfect shade on you!!

    Also, your hair is lush <3


  15. I love your saree and you look fabulous!!

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    Ohh girl I wish but lashes grow back soon. :-*

  22. Thats a lovely saree .. and you are looking gorgeous! and red hot! πŸ™‚

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    xoxo, Claire from Vancouver, Canada

  24. Ravishing in red! I especially love that you finished it off with Russian red lipstick- my signature color! ;D

    Peace. Love. LOL!

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  40. Beautiful dress! And the color looks wonderful on you. Funny in the states and this culture red is associated with sex and romance and even being flashy. White is associated with purity. So weird how colors mean different things to different cultures.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

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    Maren Anita

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