Sunrise Te Yellow – Outfit Post

I have always loved nature, so serene, so calming, so refreshing. I love watching rising sun and sunsets. That’s why my most loved vacations are either hills or beaches. Nothing could be more spectacular than watching sun set in hills. For sun rise, you have to rise earlier ;), sunsets are easier to watch…hehehe J

So, on such a pleasant early morning, came up this idea of doing an outfit post and for maintaining that sunrise theme, we went for this pretty yellow top and combined it with cute brown skirt and the result!! Here is Ritcha sporting the cute sunny look for you. These pics, we clicked sometime back, say 5-6 months back, so you will be seeing a little chubbier version of Ritcha, she is in the middle of all that workout she started. Enjoy the pics J

Sunrise Yellow outfit post

Sunrise Yellow outfit post

Sunrise Yellow outfit post

Sunrise Yellow outfit post

Sunrise Yellow outfit post

Sunrise Yellow outfit post

Sunrise Yellow outfit post

Sunrise Yellow outfit post

Sunrise Yellow outfit post

Sunrise Yellow outfit post

 Check out the cute updo Ritcha is sporting. Very chic and stylish updo and takes lesser time in creating than you think. She did it in 5-7 mins flat with very less pins and all those knick-knacks. We would be glad to do a tutorial for the same if you want J. Let’s have a look at the updo hairstyle from slightly different angles.

Sunrise Yellow outfit post

 Makeup Breakup 
Eyes – Lakme Insta Liner

Outfit Breakup 

Yellow Top – shoppersstop
Skirt – local market
Wedges – Bata
Bangle bracelet – purchased online from
Ring – purchased online from

So, how did you like the post my dearies J

Hope you liked the sunrise theme and the overall look. Very wearable yet smart, no!!
Do pour in your views, your love and your suggestions. We love to innovate, improve and surprise you in any way we can J. Also, do let me know how you liked Ritcha’s updo!!
Love you always,
Charu J

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  1. Love the combination dear. Beautiful! 🙂

  2. beautiful look! 🙂

  3. Gorgeous!!! <3 You are beautiful!
    Thanks for follow my blog,I follow you 🙂
    xoxo <3 Sara Elia SuriVintage

  4. What can I say you look stunning pretty lady x

  5. wow! ritch looks super fab… the combination is so beautiful…
    and i loved the hairdo too.. so summery and monsoony… please do a tutorial na

  6. Ritcha's hair looks so lovely Charu and by the way I don't think she looks chubby, she's a beautiful girl.

    What makes you both beautiful is how kind, sweet and thoughtful you two are… it radiates from the inside out ♡

    I love sunsets and sunrises.. gorgeous…

  7. you look lovely dear! I like your hair do…did you do it yourself?? can we have a video tute for that if possible…

  8. That bright yellow looks so good on you!
    Nice hairdo! 😀

  9. The updo is really nice! I loved the bright yellow top!
    nice OOTD 🙂

  10. You are looking beautiful, loved that updo 🙂

  11. Beautiful look darling, thanks for your comment in my blog, would you like to follow each other?:)

  12. Outstanding dear…the top is so beautiful and you look so pretty.And what can I say about your hair!! Rapunzel!!

  13. Oh My! You look so very adorable….I loved the hairdo…Very prettyie OOTD 🙂

  14. You look Beautiful Dear 🙂
    Loved the peppy yellow hue on you ^_^
    Plus I simply adore the hair bun :*

  15. Love ur hair so much babe and looking gorg 🙂 xx

  16. She's looking very pretty I loved the whole look. The updo looks awesome as well.

  17. I love your ring, it's amazing! I'm following you on twitter, fb, google+, bloglovin.

  18. You look just perfect! Love that hairstyle, so interesting! Gorgeous blouse, nice color…Lovely shoes..looks so beautiful and comfy :*

  19. lovely outfit. Very summery


  20. Love the combination yellow+brown 🙂

  21. Great look! I love the colours and your hairstyle 🙂

    Kisses, Kali
    | Kali's inspiration board |

  22. Gal u looking so stylish
    Love your hairstyle & that top

  23. Beautiful hairstyle! :))

  24. You look absolutely gorgeous
    The outfit, the hair, the accessories, everything
    Is just amazing.
    Great post darling

  25. She looks so gorgeous. Pretty outfit and a very lovely lady! Wonderful photos :)) xoxo

  26. lovely Outfit…i like the colour combination….it suits you perfectly <3

  27. The ring is really pretty! Love the colour of the top too 🙂

  28. oooh I loved the updo. It looks great!
    And ritcha as always looks drop dead gorgeous <3

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  30. Ritcha always looks so gorgeous and I really love the skirt. Beautiful post.

  31. You look lovely as always. This post is like a bright sunshine and happiness:)

  32. Hi, Charu! I did checked your blogs and I love it! Yes, we can follow each other on every social media platform :). I´m following you everywhere :).

  33. Lovely! I really like your bun.

    And sure thing 🙂 I'll follow you via GFC, xx


  34. Wow love the yellow-y look. Ritcha is looking lovely as always!

  35. Great outfit! I really like the yellow top and your shoes!
    Do you want to follow each other on Bloglovin and GFC? (Maybe Facebook and Instagram too?) Just let me know on my blog! 🙂


  36. You look so cute hun. I love the pop of yellow. I love your hair too.

  37. The ring, the blouse and hair bun style; all just fell in place over you. Nice!!!

  38. I love your top and you look stunning.

  39. Super cute yellow top and loving the gold accessories!

    xx 365hangers

  40. You look beautiful, yellow really suits you and your hair looks lovely 🙂 xx

  41. you look so stunning, really love your hair honey.

  42. That yellow is a beautiful color on you!
    Sincerely, Sara

  43. Beautiful outfit! I love the yellow and brown together!

  44. Brown and Yellow work perfectly together! And you look so nice with this look outfit!!

  45. you are glowing the the beautiful yellow top charu <3

  46. So pretty! I love that top!

    Lipstick and Mocha

  47. You look wonderful, Charu! Your hair style is totally impressive :))

    Lu |

  48. Amazing!
    With love Marta

  49. Lovely outfit. Love that color top. I went ahead and follow you on GFC, would appreciate a follow back :D.

    Kreyola Jounerys

  50. I love your hairstyle ^^
    You look perfect


  51. Sure Tarry…we will 🙂

  52. Thankyou so much Manasi for liking it!! Yes she did it herself,,,sure, would love to do a tute soon! 🙂

  53. The yellow top looks pretty with a brown skirt combination.. nice pics too. beautiful 🙂

  54. Wow love your bun! it's so glamorous!
    And i definitely agree.. nature is pretty from every angle.

    love, Esmeralda

  55. Such a cute outfit! And the updo is perfect for summer!

    Fashion, Floss and Lip Gloss

  56. Such a cute look and gorgeous hair!

    Tatyana x
    Secret little Stars

  57. This top is pretty !

  58. Thanks..followed back! 🙂

  59. Thanks..followed back!

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