Jafra Bright and Beautiful Pamper Party

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Feeling a little bit good today while suffering from viral as there is a long weekend coming. I see hope. I feel better. There is something with Delhi that atleast 4 times every year, there is some sort of viral attack and that makes up almost 4 months of a year when you are prone to viral, rest of the year is upto your immune system 😉

Jafra Bright and Beautiful Pamper Party

It has been a very delayed post. I went to ‘Jafra Bright and Beautiful Pamper Party’ on 30th july. Yeah. It is always a great experience to be at Jafra, such a positivity about them, the people, the ambience, that you certainly feel like partying.

Jafra Bright and Beautiful Pamper Party

The session started with an intro to Jafra’s brightening range followed by a hands on experience of the awesome products. We all started with cleansing, then scrubbing, toning, then skin brightener and then the spf moisturizer. I can’t show you before and after pics as I don’t have them but the difference was incredible, so noticeable, that I could not apply my makeup afterwards as I was loving my bare skin!!

Let us go through Jafra’s Brightening Range –
Brightening Cleanser –
A gentle brightening cleanser that effectively lifts away impurities to leave skin clean and reveal a brighter, healthier complexion. Red Sea weed extracts enhance Skin Clarity.
Brightening Toner –
Brightening toner freshens and replenishes skin leaving a radiant complexion. To be used morning and night after cleansing. Clinical evaluations showed that over 70% of women who used the brightening toner in synergy with the other Brightening Dynamics products, experienced radiant and brighter skin. 100% experienced even, clear skin.
Skin Brightener  + –
 Naturally brightens dull complexion, evens tone, creating luminous skin. With Brightensmart Complex.
Brightening Lotion SPF 15 –
JAFRA’s Brightening Lotion SPF 15 is an ayurvedic blend of natural ingredients with proven skin brightening benefits. It enhances Skin clarity, provides a broad UVA and UVB protection, helps skin protect itself from premature aging. It has Intellishied which acts like a second skin. Contains Vitamin B and E for skin conditioning and anti-oxidant properties.

Jafra Bright and Beautiful Pamper Party

I will soon come up with detailed reviews of all of the products I have mentioned above but I would say their toner and skin brightener are simply superb!! Try them any day for any skin type and you will love them.

Ok. The Great Pamper Party ended with a cute goodie bag containing brightening range and like all parties, some delicacies, food and drinks J. Jafra always gives us bloggers and friends to have a healthy relationship with them as well as with each other. Light moments, party, enjoy, pics, food, just loved my time there and surely look forward to next one 🙂

Jafra Bright and Beautiful Pamper Party

Love you Jafra
Love you all
Charu 🙂

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  1. What a great party to attend… it looked like it was a really fun event.. 🙂

    Charu, I am sorry to hear you are not feeling well, I hope you are resting and will feel better soon xox

  2. Great post and lovely images. Yummy food! 🙂


  3. Sounds like great products. I'd love to try them too. Thanks for sharing it! xo akiko
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  4. I would probably look a bit silly at this party but I think I would enjoy it 🙂 So sorry you do no feel well. Many wishes for quick healing dear! xo


  5. That looks like fun, seems like you had an amazing time!
    I hope you feel better soon! 🙂

    Lipstick and Mocha

  6. The products sound great 🙂

  7. Interesting!!!
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  8. OMG beautiful pictures! …Thx for sharing..:-)

  9. All sound so great x


  10. I would literally love a pamper party like this right now – sounds so divine! Perfect way to spend a relaxing weekend xxx


  11. Looks like a great event! Hope you feel better soon!


  12. The photos on your blog are fantastic! keep up the great work, you're amazing!

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  16. A pamper party is always fun! I look forwarsd to your thoughts on these products.

    Have a fab weekend!

    Keisha xo

  17. Amazing pamper party!! looks like you had a great time

  18. jafra cosmetics are very good,nice review
    thanks for your comment darling
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  19. Lovely post, very well written, pictures are great 🙂
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  20. Wow seems you enjoyed the event a lot! This range surely sounds nice!

  21. Sounds like a wonderful event and great product line. Thanks for your insightful comment…Have a fabulous weekend!

  22. great post and sounds interesting,,,
    have a great weekend charu,,,

    Varinder Makeupmeandyoyo

  23. Can't decide which product to chose. Given a choice, I want all of it. Great event with inviting spread of goodies.

  24. Looks like you had a lovely time Charu, I am so waiting for you to review all the products.

  25. Thankyou so much 🙂

  26. Thankyou Amanda ! 🙂

  27. great reviews!! i just wonder if i'll be able to choose one product
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