Bubblegum Pink Outfit Post

Hello My Friends 🙂
Its a Friday. Few hours to go and then two days of pleasure and relaxing awaits me. I love spending time with my little one. He is so full of talks these days that I can spend hours talking to him ;).
So, here comes his mausi, Ritcha in a pink bubblegum cute avatar sans her eye makeup. Oh, how I miss her eye makeups!! But almost 3 months have passed since she got her lasik done. So, she is going to start that soon. I will be loving it. Eye makeup suits her so well and seeing her bare eyes makes me feel like something is not right and complete 🙂
This cute lovely bubblegum dress she got from jabong.com. It is a simple one with white top, 3 buttons on it and the bottom skirt is nice and bright pink. Ritcha has used a slim belt to accentuate her waist and has added a pink flower to her hair to complete the look. I am quite liking this simple yet cute look. It is good for various occasions and is a nice girly look with a little twist given by tying up the hair in a pony tail while braiding them from front and those white strappy sandals.
How are you liking it my lovelies!!
Lets have some, ohk, lots of pics and then do tell me how this whole look appeals to you !!
Bubblegum Pink Outfit Post
Bubblegum Pink Outfit Post
Bubblegum Pink Outfit Post
Bubblegum Pink Outfit Post

So, friends, how did you like it!! Try Fashionara.com also, they also have some awesome dresses.

I hope you liked the post so full of pics and I hope it has been a visual treat to your eyes ;). Only then, our hard work pays off 🙂

Do pour in your love,  suggestions, ideas or anything which you want me know about.

Always love hearing from you!!

Keep smiling 🙂


115 Replies to “Bubblegum Pink Outfit Post”

  1. So cute..love ur skirt!

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  2. Such cute pictures!! I really like how you did your belt on the skirt. Added a nice detail to the whole outfit!! Enjoy your weekend 🙂

    Kreyola Jounerys

  3. The skirt is just adorable and wow, you have beautiful long hair!

    Reflection of Sanity

  4. Oh my, you look such a cutie in all the pics Ritcha, such a gorgeous outfit..

  5. you look lovely

  6. you look lovely

  7. Wow you look stunning!
    Love this outfit

    Kisses from holland 🙂

  8. Aw cute look! Amazing pink skirt! =)

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  9. Love your style!

    Happy weekend doll 😀
    xx isa | http://stoerensexy.blogspot.be

  10. You look gorgeous!


    Sofia Silva


  11. loved the outfit.. ritcha looks lovely 🙂

  12. You look super cute and beautiful. Love it! 🙂 Have a lovely weekend.


  13. what a gorgeous outfit:) love the pop of pink!

    lots of love xx
    Nee from ROSECANDLE11

  14. Wow, Charu you are enchanting in this combination! Love everything about this lovely look 😉
    Beautiful pink skirt and those heels are really gorgeous! Adore flowers in your hair <3
    Hava a wonderful weekend :*

  15. oooh she looks so gorgeous! That hair is very sweet, the skirt a perfect color on her and those shoes and legs are so wonderful too :))) She is such an amazing beauty! xoxo


  16. You look gorgeous, Love the colors, accessories, hair.. everything about this look! xx

  17. What a beautiful dress! I love how you accessorized it.

  18. Hi!
    You are very pretty! Your look is ideal !!
    I already follow you on GFC and G +!

    Kisses !!

  19. Aw you look so cute in this outfit!


  20. Charu… this pink skirt is so cute on Ritcha, she looks lovely as usual… I just adore you two, you are such kind and loving ladies, I am always so touched by every sweet and kind comment you leave on my blog.

    I am so happy you are having conversations with your little one… that is a sweet time … 🙂 <3 xox

  21. Your outfit is super cute! And you look cuter Ritcha, now that Charu is losing weight I am so excited to see her too 😉

  22. She looks soooo cute, loved her hairstyle !

  23. Love ur heels! U r looking fresh as always 🙂

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  25. Very cute! You wear this girly style very well.

  26. Simply adorable Charu. As I looked at each of your pics, I smiled because everything is so nice together, the skirt, blouse, your hair, the pink flower and your white shoe. Loved!!!!

  27. Thanks for the loveley comment i followed you on GFC and G+


  28. so stunning,love that dress
    it looks great on you
    keep intouch

  29. great colours! so chic dear <33

    x Maria
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    featuring MY NEW SMOCK DRESS

  30. Gorgeous outfit, you look great and I love the shoes! <3

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  31. Lovely outfit. .
    N sexy look ritcha darling :*

  32. Wow so cute and stunning pics! Love this post! Great style! I will follow you on bloglovin and IG!

  33. lovely look! pink suits you so well!

    Inside and Outside Blog

  34. Beautiful dress and i love the sandals too!

  35. Such a simple and girly look.. very pretty Ritcha.. wud love to see ur eye make up soon 😉

  36. so very sweet look,love this skirt
    have a nice day

  37. I love the shoes, and her eyebrows are so gorgeous!


  38. Ritcha you are looking so pretty. The bubblegum pink suits you really well….. Love love love you pretty ladies… Charu & Ritcha…

  39. Oh my! You look so cute nd just so adorable!!!
    I loved your sandals nd the dress 🙂


  40. the shade of pink is cute!

    Trending In Fashion

  41. Ritcha look so cute..love her poses..would love to see you doing an outfit post as well 🙂

  42. What lovely pics! I adore that sweet, pink skirt! T. http://tickledpinkwoman.blogspot.com

  43. That's beautiful!! And I love that the top has pink buttons! 🙂

    Lipstick and Mocha

  44. you look so cute!! lovely outfit!!
    would you like to follow each other ?

  45. I like your pink skirt!

    Thanks for commenting, dear. I followed you via GFC already, mind to follow me back? Thank u!


  46. Very cute and girly outfit suits her so well.

  47. What a cute skirt – I'm loving your girly outfit :))

    Lu | The Blog of one Balgarka

  48. She looks so beautiful …. the shirts is veryyyy pretty
    Xoxo Shreya http://beautyndbest.com/

  49. Thankyou so much..sure would love to connect with you! 🙂

  50. Thankyou dear..sure 🙂

  51. Such a cute skirt!

    xxx Linsey from POSE-BLOG.com

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  53. lovely outfit honey
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    ♥ lots of love ♥

  54. You look so adorable in this white and pink outfit, I love your skirt and shade of this item, it's so chic!


  55. You look gorgeous! ^-^
    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog!


  56. wow Charu you look so cute in this outfit 🙂

  57. You look cute and chic in your outfit! Pink really suits you <3

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  58. Nice outfit and your hair is so healthy looking!


  59. love the way you made that hair bun <3
    also cute heels!


  60. Beautiful style and hairstyle!Followed you on bloglovin, Facebook, Pinterest
    Hope you will do the same so we can keep in touch 🙂
    Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog!

  61. Awesome Outfit Post !
    You are looking Very Pretty & Beautiful <3
    Loved it Babe :*:*

  62. So cute! I love how even your buttons match the ensemble!
    Thank you visiting, hope to see you back sweets!

    Xo- Julie
    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  63. What a pretty outfit! You look great and I love your shoes!


  64. Ah such a fresh and stunning outfit. So glad you've had time with your little one – my nephew just started talking! TOO adorable I tell you!! 🙂 Enjoy it xxxx


  65. such a beautiful look! i love your skirt! so pretty 🙂


  66. Haha..Ritcha is so so cute, Charu!!! Love her!! And it's sooo adorable that you guys are so close to each other!! She was telling me about you <3 Very sweet!!


  67. Nice Pix.. Loved them All..

  68. love the shoes<3

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