Jafra Brightening Dynamics Skin Brightener + : Brightening Serum

Hello Beautiful Skins ๐Ÿ™‚
Jafra Skin Brightening Serum
Oh…why I called beautiful skins!! Everyone doesnโ€™t have perfect skin but everybody dreams of having one…right!!. So, even if you donโ€™t have it, you CAN HAVE it now, with this Jafra Skin Brightener +. This brightening serum works wonderfully for skin. I am having a full brightening range from Jafra and currently using it (I shared the details, you can check here) and for the first time in life, I am following the CTM routine properly and that too, all products from the same brand โ€“ JAFRA.
Jafra Skin Brightening Serum
Jafra Skin Brightening Serum
First of all, let me tell you, Jafra is a great brand with amazing skin care products. I am currently using the cleanser- toner- brightener, and all the three products are suiting my oily, acne prone skin well. No breakouts I have experienced in last 1 month. I have used the night cream too sometimes and it also suits me well…no breakouts….though I am always afraid ;). I am from one of those oilies who never touch creams on face and get pimples by just seeing those rich creams ๐Ÿ™‚. I am so happy that this CTM routine is suiting me. And on top of that, delivering results too!!
Jafra Skin Brightening Serum
I thought of doing review of cleanser first but I am so happy with the Brightener + results that I decided to review and share this product with you all first, as this is the one you must get.
If you are not familier with JAFRA โ€“
JAFRA is an international company that makes cosmetics, skin care products, and fragrances. This company has been around for 55 years and is one of the top 100 companies in the world.
What Jafra Skin Brightener + does to my skin โ€“

  • It brightens up the face and you can notice that after 1-2 usages.
  • It improves the skin texture.
  • Even tones the skin.
  • Makes my skin radiant.
  • Very light weight, gel like consistency.

Jafra Skin Brightening Serum
What I like about Jafra โ€“

  • No whitening claims.
  • Great skin care products.
  • Amazing way to have pamper parties while showcasing their awesome collection.
  • Great range of perfumes, skin care and cosmetics.

What Jafra says about the Skin Brightener + 
 Naturally brightens dull complexion, evens tone, creating luminous skin. With Brightensmart Complex.
Ingredients โ€“
-Brightensmart Complex

-Glycyrrhiza Glabra (Licorice) Extract, Phyllanthus Emblica Extract Withania Somniferia (Winter Cherry) Extract

-Saccharide Isomerate



-Water/Aqua, Ascophyllum Nodosum Extract

– Palmaria Palmata (Red Seaweed) Extract


Jafra Skin Brightening Serum
How to use โ€“
Pump a small amount onto fingertips and apply all over face. Use daily (day and night) after cleansing and toning.
Jafra Skin Brightening Serum
Jafra Skin Brightening Serum
Quantity โ€“
30 ml
Price โ€“
Rs. 1090
Me and Ritcha both are doing the cleansing-toning- serum with Jafra Brightening range and we both are highly satisfied with the results. Recently Ritcha went to a famous brand product launch and that skin specialist there said to her that she already has an amazing skin and asked her what she uses. When Ritcha told her about Jafra, she also said its a great skin care brand. What I would add is that it is affordable too. With the quality you get, it is not costly!!
Jafra Skin Brightening Serum

Jafra Skin Brightening Serum
Pros of Skin Brightener +

  • It is a great serum with brightening properties.
  • Cream/gel consistency.
  • Delivers what it claims โ€“ it brightens the skin from within.
  • Contains Jafraโ€™s exclusive Brightensmart complex and active botanicals.
  • Designed with an Ayurvedic blend of natural ingredients like winter cherry, licorice and emblica extract.
  • Evens the skin tone and imparts radiance to skin.
  • Suits oily beauties well, no breakouts. Thatโ€™s a real big pro, you know why ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Moisturizes well and makes skin smooth.
  • Gel formula, not heavy for the skin.
  • Classy packaging with sturdy pump dispenser that oozes out the correct amount of product.
  • A little quantity is required for whole face.

Cons โ€“
Nothing except the fact that it is available through Jafra consultants only.

But alternatively, you can get Jafra products from their website – http://www.jafra.net.in/ and you can contact their customer care no. – 011-46448000 

You can contact me too if you want any of the Jafra product, surprises included :). My email id is – myglossyaffair@gmail.com

Overall Rating โ€“
I would surely recommend it to those girls with dry, dull skin. This will surely make your complexion brighten up with a few uses and improve the overall texture of your skin. Just try to use the whole range for best results. Their toner is amazing. You canโ€™t miss it!!

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