Vaadi Herbals Sunscreen Lotion with Lilac Extract SPF 30 Review

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Now let’s come to our object of today – Vaadi Sunscreen Lotion with Lilac Extract – SPF 30
So, when I visited the website for Product Description, I got a whole big write-up from the brand and thought of including that into my review too. Some nice information about sunscreens and flowers used in this sunscreen has been provided by Vaadi Herbals, which I liked and wanted you all to read it 🙂.
Vaadi Herbals Sunscreen Lotion with Lilac Extract SPF 30
Let’s start then –
An all-season essential, this lotion provides your skin complete protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun. It effectively protects against tanning and sun-burn and even soothes the skin post-exposure. Its anti-oxidant components, Lavender & Lilac, counter the free radical damage to the skin cells, which is caused by over-exposure to the sun’s ultra-violet rays.
Vaadi Herbals Sunscreen Lotion with Lilac Extract SPF 30

Active Ingredients: 
  • Lilac: Protects Against Tanning & Sun-Burn. Soothes Skin.
  • Lavender: Protects Skin Cells from UV-induced damage.  Promotes Healing.
Vaadi Herbals Sunscreen Lotion with Lilac Extract SPF 30
·         Why is a sunscreen lotion important?
·         The skin, unlike any other sensory organ of the body, is forever exposed to the sun, pollution, rain and other weather conditions that can prove to be harmful for it. The skin acts like the perfect shield from weather changes, infections, allergies but itself is prone to falling prey to the harmful effects of the UV rays of the sun. Without a proper skin regime, the skin eventually loses its shine and attraction further inviting damage from the UVA and UVB rays of the sun. So as to protect itself from damage, the skin produces Melanin. This Melanin causes the darkening of the skin which, in layman language, is known as sun tan.
·         Sun tan is of various kinds. Adverse effects of a sun tan can be permanent darkness, pigmentation, sun burn and scars. In worst cases, the skin is exposed to risk of skin cancer.
Vaadi Herbals Sunscreen Lotion with Lilac Extract SPF 30
·          How to Lilac Extracts counter the effect of the sun?
·         A gorgeous flower, hailed for its tantalizing fragrance, Lilac flower extracts prove to be excellent skin soothing agents. Easily penetrable Lilac extracts seep down the layers of the skin and unleash their anti-microbial action on the bacteria and infections that may result in allergies and acne. The Lilac plant’s leaves contain stem cells. These stem cells act as skin cells thereby promoting the process of skin rejuvenation and regeneration. Sun tans, Sun burns and pigmentation instantly disappear with regular use of Lilac Extracts on the skin as the skin breathes properly with pores unclogged and skin perfectly protected, making it beautiful day after day.
·         How do Lavender Extracts prove to be effective?
·         Over exposure to the sun results in damaging of the free radicals in the skin. Lavender Extracts are known to act as an apt skin protector. Lavender Extracts facilitate the regulation of sebum and oil production in the skin and also help in removal of sun tan by it’s skin whitening effect and retarding the production of Melanin. Lavender Extracts are beneficial for all kinds of skin- dry, normal of combination and aid in clearing acne, dark spots, blemishes and soothing of sun burns. Allergies are drastically reduced and skin breathes healthy and flawless. Lavender Extracts’ anti bacterial property and damage-reversal behavior makes it an ideal ingredient.
Oh yeah…this much 😉 But then, some useful info is that…no!!
Let’s continue with the review now –
Price –
Rs 64/- for 110ml
Availability –
Very easy, in local stores too but better get it online and you will get tons of offers too. Try out,,, etc. All have Vaadi Herbals.
Vaadi Herbals Sunscreen Lotion with Lilac Extract SPF 30
Packaging –
A white opaque plastic bottle with orange cap and the paper on front has flower imprints that gives the bottle a nice colourful look. No spillage or leaking, it is travel friendly.
Vaadi Herbals Sunscreen Lotion with Lilac Extract SPF 30
Vaadi Herbals Sunscreen Lotion with Lilac Extract SPF 30
Consistency –
White creamy lotion, on little thicker side, not runny at all. Easy to apply and spread. Fragrance wise also nice. No strong smells, but a mild fragrance with lavender touch.
Vaadi Herbals Sunscreen Lotion with Lilac Extract SPF 30
Vaadi Herbals Sunscreen Lotion with Lilac Extract SPF 30
How does this Vaadi Sunscreen work –
Quite good. I got a 3-sunscreen pack online as it was on a good discount. I was not having much hopes, but at the price, I could have applied it as normal lotion too!! I don’t ever use it on my face as I am afraid of touching anything of that consistency on my oily face. For face, I rely on 2-3 sunscreens only. But at Rs. 64/-, it is a great sunscreen for your hands and feet and that how I prefer it. I am using it on my hands and feet for past 2-3 months, on and off and quite satisfied. 
Vaadi Herbals Sunscreen Lotion with Lilac Extract SPF 30
Only one problem, that again is with most of the sunscreen lotion, it leaves a whitecast. It leaves my hands white when applied but after say, 2-3 mins, it settles down and I don’t mind that. Whitecast on face gives me a trouble not on hands or feet 🙂 Also, the cap is broken. Actually, it has come off. Though no wastage or drying up of product, it closes with some pressure, but then, broken is broken.
Otherwise, it is quite good and SPF 30 is fine for hands and feet on daily basis for me.
Would I repurchase?
May be. I am stocked up on Vaadi Herbals lotions and sunscreens right now. Body  Lotions I am loving!!
Overall Rating –
You can also check an amazing and affordable body lotion from Vaadi Herbals here – Vaadi Herbals Deep Moisturising Hand and Body Lotion with Sunflower Extract

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