Incolor Lip Perfection N225 Review and Swatches

Hey beauties 🙂
I have got some amazingly fabulous lippies and that too at dirt cheap prices. Yes 🙂. Start Drooling darlings  and read one to know more 😉

Bright Orange Lipstick
So, me and Ritcha were on a shopping spree in our local market when we found these little wonders. What are these – Incolor 2 sided  lippies. One side is color cream and other side is gloss. Ohk, now what is this color cream? IS this cream…means give creamy finish? Nope? It is like a lip paint. The finish is almost like our high end wonders give like Nyx lip creams or Limecrimes!!
Oh, I haven’t use those myself but what I have seen, makes me believe that the finish is same. The cost, now you are gonna faint 😉
Rs. 175/- . hehehe 🙂
So!! Even if the finish is same or not, there is no harm in trying ;). The toughest part is to find this lippie online or in stores. What is incolor? I don’t know!! Where does it come from? No idea!! Who stocks it up? No idea!! Are the products real/ not fake? No idea!!
Matt Orange Lipstick
You have to decide for all these factors. But considering the finish and quality of the lip color, I would surely ask you to try it.
Packaging –
Round plastic double sided tube – one side is lip color and other side is gloss. Applicators of good quality provided on both sides. No leakage or spilling, perfect for travels or be in your bag.
Matt Orange Lipstick

Matt Orange Lipstick
Texture –
It is liquid in texture and when you apply it on lips, it is glossy but turns to perfect matt within seconds and won’t budge after that. So, be cautious while applying. The gloss provided on other side can be applied on top of it to give a perfect glossy finish.
Matt Orange Lipstick
Matt Orange Lipstick

Matt Orange Lipstick
Matt Orange Lipstick
Pigmentation –
Very pigmented. One coat is enough and covers pigmentation on lips very well. I have got 4 colours and with some colours, you need to apply it properly to avoid patches. But, a perfect application mostly.
Cost –
Rs. 175/- 🙂 🙂
Quantity –
Matt Orange Lipstick
My Take on this little wonder –
I am absolutely relishing it. It gives me the feel of those very high end lip colors which I haven’t been able to buy till now due to their high cost or their non-availability in India easily. Next trip to market, and I would be getting this in some more shades for sure. Like all other super matt lip colors, you need to exfoliate your lips properly before application of this one too. And then, you get a fine application. It doesn’t settle in to fine lines and stays for whole day long. If you are too much into lunching and munching, then do carry it in your bag for retouch because it would disappear from middle of lips. Though you won’t need that in normal cases, but then, if it goes, it goes from middle of lips and being powdery matt texture, you can’t blend it on your lips, but you need to retouch and reapply. If used with a gloss, it lasts lesser. But the finish is great bothways. I personally like the matt finish more (I am a fan of MAC matt finish lippies ;))
Matt Orange Lipstick
Matt Orange Lipstick
The colours are all very bright and bold. This orange makes you stand out, so choose wisely. You need some real courage to sport it ;). I have got two almost similar oranges. One is this and other, I wanted to be a dupe of MAC Chili ;)….hehehe. Though that is not a dupe but a good match to Chili.
It applies like a lip gloss on lips but dries to a totally matt texture. It goes dry on lips like any super matt lip color, moisturise your lips beforehand. These are real good stains and super affordable too. Get one of your choice if you can find them 🙂.

Incolor Lip Perfection N225 Review and Swatches

Pros –

  • Super matt finish. Super glossy finish.
  • Very pigmented.
  • Gloss and color, both provided in a single tube.
  • Travel friendly packaging.
  • Super duper affordable.
  • Great range of normal and bright hues.
  • No fragrance at all.
  • Stays on for almost whole day.
  • Not heavy or sticky.
  • No creasing, bleeding or feathering.

Cons –

  • Incolor cosmetics is hard to find.
  • No ingredients list or in fact, any details about the product I could find anywhere.
  • Lips tend to go too dry if gloss is not applied but it happens with almost all super matt lip colors.

Overall Rating –
Considering the price and quality, I would surely recommend them and repurchase them. If you are a fan of matt texture and able to find this wonder anywhere in this small world, then do get one. You would love it!!

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  1. Charu, I like a matte finish because it tends to stand out and last longer, it sounds like a nice product, I would want to make sure I applied it correctly 🙂 The shiny side is a great option when you want the glossy lip look 🙂

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