Makeup Blunders with Indian Brides – Mistakes to Avoid

Hello beauties 🙂
I am getting so damn busy each passing day and this will continue till Ritcha’s marriage I think. Lots of shopping, sewing and other stuffs keep us occupied. But then, it is for good 🙂. Once in a lifetime moment for Ritcha. I want to do whatever I can for my darling sister 🙂.
So, hunting for a good parlour or makeup artist is according to me more important than searching for a beautiful outfit. You can get a good lehenga starting from 10k to over 2-5 lakhs or more if your budget is so. But getting/ selecting a good parlour or makeup artist makes or breaks your entire look. That lavish outfit or lehenga will only look good if your face is beautifully done. Even if you are wearing a high end designer lehenga and diamond jewellery but if your makeup is not correct, whole ensemble falls flat.
I personally have seen many beautiful girls turn into ghostly brides. White faces, wrong application of eye shadows and liners, those faking pouting mouths, outline of lips overdone making them look like a duck. Worst- those fake triangular moles or black spots on face…ohk that’s a beauty spot (doesn’t seem to me) ;). Disaster in the making!!

Makeup Blunders with Indian Brides
Girl, don’t compromise on makeup. When you can shell out a huge sum on outfits, then why not on makeup!! And according to me, in 20-30k, you can still get that decent makeup from some of our famous makeup artists that can transform your entire look and make you look angelic. This way, you would forever embrace your wedding photographs and would be able to show them to your children and grand children too 🙂,
In India makeup artists specially those at local parlours need to learn a lot when it comes to bridal makeup. Bridal makeup doesn’t mean you have to apply anything or everything which you consider as good and its not that you have to whiten the bride to make her look fair and then start painting. These are the biggest blunders that make a beautiful bride look like a christmas tree. 
Whomsoever you book for your bridal makeup, do check the pictures of their work and if possible take a trial. Here I will be discussing all the things which you should keep in mind while getting ready or booking a parlour and the makeup blunders they do with a bride.
1.       Lighter shade foundation –  

Makeup Blunders with Indian Brides
In the rage of making you look fair,  they often apply foundation one shade lighter than your skin tone. As in India, everybody is so obsessed with the fair skin and to them actual beauty is fair complexion.  Well, we can’t change anybody’s mind or thinking but in this rage MUA’s often end up making you look many tones fairer than your own skin tone and trust me it will only make you look odd.
2.       Foundation with SPF –
Beware as some beauticians often use foundations which have spf. Never use a foundation with spf specially for a night party as these catch the flash which results in making you look appear many shades whiter than you actually are and in the pictures it will appear like you have used talcum in place of foundation.
3.       Darker ouline of lips – How I hate this one!!

Makeup Blunders with Indian Brides
For God’s sake, leave this trend. It is over for good. Darker outline of lips looks so ugly and it will make you look awful. Never ever do it. And if your beautician does so just say no. Apply lip liner of same shade as of lipstick or nude one and also fill it a little on your lips. Now apply lipstick.
4.       Glitter fancies – 

Makeup Blunders with Indian Brides
Oh, I know MAC also makes glitters but not for sprinkling it all over the bride’s face!! I have seen many Indian MUA’s specially those gully wala parlours are so fond of glitter that they spread it all over bride’s face. Somebody tell them that it should be highlighter that too not everywhere. They make the bride look like a shimmery crafty thing as they are so used to put it on lips, eyes, cheeks to bring that glow and they say look at you….perfect glow!! Madam…aaj to banta hai 😉 Never confuse highlighter with glitter or sparkles.
5.       Shimmery bronzer – 

Makeup Blunders with Indian Brides
If you want those perfectly contoured cheekbones, check out first if your MUA knows to highlight and contouring your cheekbones with bronzer and say a complete no to shimmery bronzer as it will make you look awful. Always go for matte bronzer.  This is something you should ask and discuss with your MUA in advance.
6.       Smokey eyes – 

Makeup Blunders with Indian Brides
Never make a mistake of wearing smokey eye makeup in your wedding. After all you are a bride and your makeup specially your eye makeup should compliment your outfit. It should be like something which will make you look fresh, lively and young and smokey eyes will send the opposite message. And yes, whatever eye makeup you go for, make sure it is blended well. 
7.       Beauty spot on chin or under lips – 

Makeup Blunders with Indian Brides
I think we all have seen brides wearing that little black dot so called beauty spot on chin or on the side of lips. There are still a few MUA’s who will put that on. Gals please don’t go for that, even if you MUA insist – say a straight no. Times are gone when this kind of makeup was liked and this will only send a wrong message.
So, these are some simple pointers that you need to avoid at all costs – bridal makeup or no-bridal, simple party makeup. Makeup is meant for enhancing your look not destroying it.
Stay beautiful
Love ya
Charu 🙂

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  1. Charu, I have missed you… I know you will be quite busy with Ritcha’s wedding which is very understandable. I am very excited for her too, I am sure she make a beautiful bride… have fun with the shopping process, update when you can 🙂 <3 xox

  2. All right! Also I hate darker contour lips!

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  3. Great post dear! You always have the best tips. 🙂
    Have a great day!

  4. These are the best makeup tips ever, bride or not and I am sure you can apply them to your daily life too. I especially hate the darker lined lips. They are a big turn off for me.

  5. I agree on everything except in the smokey eyes. If done with careful can be very pretty.

  6. Over here its a different trend. First, heavy make up for photo shots, one whole day and outdoor. For the wedding, the make up is mellowed down. Brides nowadays know what they want and how they want to look. Seldom have I seen plenty of powder and over made up brides now.

  7. Hahaha.. beauty spot on chin and lip liner i also hate.. i think doing a make up rehearsal is a must bef the actual day.. nice tips 🙂

  8. When it comes to fashion or make-up it should be different for people depending on various factors that is suitable as per the complexion, skin types etc. and in the same way it can give better results otherwise you will definitely do blunders if you avoid such things.

  9. That lip outline stuff looks so creepy and bleah!!! But, on the other hand, a woman wearing glitter always has my full attention 🙂 Wonderful tips dear! xoxo

  10. Great tips! like this post of you!
    Btw followed you on facebook , here is mine hope you will follow me as well , so me can keep in touch

  11. wow thanks for sharing these do's and dont's with us!


  12. Great post charu
    Can't wait to see Richa in a bridal outfit

  13. Totally agree with your post, these are some big makeup blunders that girls should avoid, interesting post Charu.

  14. Yups… even I hate darker lip outlines. For me, looks awful !

  15. Auwwtchhh painful makeup failures…

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    xx isa | Stoer & Sexy

  16. Charu your beauty tips are always on point! Thanks so much for sharing this…I enjoyed reading.

    Keisha xo

  17. Great post,i also hate the idea of outlining the lips with darkwr colours it looks bad
    Interesting post dear

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